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Did you know that driving with altered tags is a class 1 misdemeanor?

The Virginia cops are handing out altered tag tickets like it is candy in Arlington County, Fairfax County and other Virginia Courts.

I was in Arlington County General District Court and I saw two people agree to plead guilty to an altered tag ticket.

Neither of them had an attorney and I don’t think either of them had an idea that they were pleading guilty to a Class 1 Misdemeanor in Virginia.

Be aware that a Virginia Class 1 Misdemeanor conviction can land you in jail.

Virginia Offices in: Fairfax, Richmond, Lynchburg, Manassas, Virginia Beach & Fredericksburg.

Virginia Code 46.2-722. Altered or forged license plates or decals; use as evidence of knowledge.

Any person who, with fraudulent intent, alters any license plate or decal issued by the Department or by any other state, forges or counterfeits any license plate or decal purporting to have been issued by the Department under the provisions of this title or by any other state under a similar law or who, with fraudulent intent, alters, falsifies, or forges any assignment thereof, or who holds or uses any license plate or decal knowing it to have been altered, forged, or falsified, shall be guilty of a Virginia Class 1 misdemeanor.

The owner of a vehicle who operates it while it displays altered or forged license plates or decals shall be presumed to have knowledge of the alteration or forgery.

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