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Our Maryland & Virginia lawyers who assist clients and children with neglect & child abuse cases have client meeting locations in Virginia & Maryland. If you want to see the exact location, please click on the different locations:

Our Maryland & Virginia lawyers have an extensive amount of experience with representing clients who are seeking assistance regarding their child being abused or defending an allegation of child abuse in Virginia & Maryland. Our attorneys who represent clients and children with child abuse & neglect cases are careful to consider all of your family law concerns and provide thoughtful, prudent guidance through all of your family law & divorce law issues. If you wish to consult a SRIS, P.C. Maryland or Virginia lawyer who can assist you with a possible child abuse case or defend against an allegation of child abuse, please call our office.

The Maryland & Virginia attorneys of SRIS, P.C., provide assistance to abused and neglected children in need of legal protection and to parents who have been accused of child abuse or neglect. An allegation of child abuse or neglect of a child in Virginia or Maryland may include one or more of the following behaviors by a parent or other person responsible for the care of the child:

  • Infliction of mental or physical injury on a child or threatening to do so;
  • Putting a child at risk of death or harm;
  • Neglecting a child’s health or not providing the care necessary for a child’s health;
  • Abandoning a child;
  • Sexually exploiting a child or permitting that to happen; or
  • The unreasonable absence or the mental or physical incapacity of the child’s parent, guardian, legal custodian or other person standing in place of the parent, causing the child to be without parental care or guardianship.

We also assist parents accused of neglect & child abuse in Virginia & Maryland, with cases where the state has alleged that they have children in need of services or in need of supervision.

Children In Need Of Services – A child in need of services is a juvenile whose behavior, conduct or condition presents or results in a serious threat to the juvenile’s well-being and safety.

Children In Need Of Supervision – A child in need of supervision is a juvenile who is either (1) habitually, without justification absent from school or (2) runs away from home.

Contact a SRIS, P.C. attorney for help in Virginia or Maryland.

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