Virginia Traffic Tickets Penalties Fines Points Jail Reckless Driving DUI


There are many types of Virginia traffic tickets. Some are serious and some only cost you a simple fine.

Certain Virginia traffic tickets such as expired tags, broken headlight, etc. result only in a fine to the driver.

Other Virginia traffic tickets will result in you getting points and a fine. Some examples of simple traffic tickets in Virginia are minor speeding infractions, illegal U turn, etc.

The worst type of Virginia traffic tickets are traffic tickets that will not only result in points on your driving record and cost you a fine, but will also land you in jail. Some examples of Virginia traffic tickets that may land you in jail are Virginia reckless driving tickets, Virginia DUI, Virginia driving on a suspended license, etc.

If you have received a Virginia traffic ticket and want to learn more about the types of penalties associated with a Virginia traffic ticket, contact the SRIS Law Group Virginia traffic ticket lawyers today.

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