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Almost any divorce in Virginia that consists of any significant amount of property and/or children results in a contested divorce.

A contested divorce in Virginia can be resolved amicably, provided both parties attempt to resolve the issues of property and custody in an equitable manner.

Divorce Virginia Lawyer

Divorce Virginia Lawyer

How contested a divorce case is going to be is in great part determined by the parties and the divorce lawyer each party chooses to represent them.

More often than not, the opposing attorney in a contested divorce case will play a great role in how amicably a contested divorce in Virginia can be resolved. This in turn will determine how expensive or inexpensive the contested divorce in Virginia will be for the parties.

How your specific Virginia divorce case will proceed will greatly be determined by the specific facts of your case.

The divorce laws in Virginia are complex. If you have questions about how the divorce laws in Virginia do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our divorce attorneys and staff in Virginia speak the following languages in addition to English: Spanish, French, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Cantonese, Mandarin & Malaysian.

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