10 Tips to Help a Father Win Custody of a Child in Virginia Fairfax Attorney

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First Tip (The Building of a Strong Relationship):

A good tip that would help a father win custody of a child in Virginia is to build a strong relationship with his son or daughter. He can do this by stopping by the child’s school and introducing himself to the administration, calling his son or daughter frequently to check in on how their day is going. Moreover, he must make the child feel that his/her father is always there for them whenever he/she needs him.

Second Tip ( Child Support Payments are Payed)

Continuous payment of the child support is a good beginning for a father that wants the custody of his child.

Third Tip (Attending Important Meetings):

If a father continually attends important meetings of his child, it will put him a step closer of actually getting custody of him/her. The following are some meetings that he could attend:

  • Birthday parties of his child;
  • Baptisms of his child;
  • His child’s school plays;
  • and sport events relating his child.

Fourth Tip (The Maintenance of accurate records):

To help build a strong relationship with his child, a father must have a maintenance of an accurate visitation schedule. If a father is maintaining and developing a parenting plan, he can use it to capture an accurate visitation record.

Fifth Tip (Arbitration or Mediation):

Prior to going to an adversarial court hearing, the father should consider arbitration or mediation. Arbitration or mediation are two cases that are decided by a neutral third party. A father would most likely prefer custody proceedings associated with arbitration or mediation in a friendlier setting and a smaller court, over cases in a courtroom that could be a bit more difficult to handle.

Sixth Tip (A Plan):

A father must be ready with a plan if a judge grants custody to his child. Furthermore, a judge in Virginian courts might ask a couple of questions related to him and his child such as the education of his child, his living circumstances, the child’s after-school activities, and how prepared the father is financially. The father must have a plan and he must know how to answer these type of questions.

Seventh Tip (Honesty with Himself):

A father must be honest with himself if he wants custody of his child. If the father has multiple jobs and/or more children to take care of he must be honest with himself and must realize that the custody of his child won’t be helpful at this moment and time.

Eighth Tip ( Asking Someone Wiser):

Speaking with a person that went though the child custody process could be considered by the father if his main priority is to take custody of his child. This person can give the father some very helpful tips for his child custody process.

Ninth Tip ( Preparation):

During child custody hearings in Virginia, the court would ask about the living circumstances of the father. Thus, the father should make some space for his child if he is granted child custody even if his living quarters are small.

Tenth Tip ( Respect):

A factor that could determine child custody in Virginia is if the father is respectful towards the child’s mother. Therefore, respect towards the mother would affect the chances of the father taking custody of his child and it would also affect the child himself or herself.

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