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Maryland`s sexual offense and Rape decrees are highly detailed because these crimes are very harsh along with them being severe felonies. Furthermore, Sexual offenses are generally separated amongst 4 degrees. Likewise, Rape is also generally split into 4 degrees. What is more is that both of these sexual convictions have a significantly bigger negative shame than any other crimes, of which murder is also included in the list. Alleged rape offenders frequently feel that the whole justice system is against them, this also includes impartial judges as well. Moreover, when you have a sexual offense charge on your public record significantly impacts your status with people and affect your privet and public life, for example, it will be near impossible to take loans from the bank, seek employment in companies and even just searching for a prospective home.

If you are studying law in Maryland then you know that a first-degree rape charge is at the top of the list for crimes in Maryland with vicious penalties. To clarify, first-degree rape charges have to fulfill 2 crucial components and they are: that the guilty party committed forceful vaginal intercourse on the victim along with not having the victims consent. You will find all the legal requirements in the Maryland Code of Law Section 3-303-(a). 

The second component is that the guilty party has have committed one of the following on top of vaginal intercourse and the list is:

  • Use either a physical object of which the victim believes is a weapon such as a blunt or sharp object or uses a real weapon such as a knife or a firearm against the victim.
  • Threatening the victim with an intention to cause kidnapping disfiguration, choking, smothering and death
  • Exact serious injury to the victim such as unconsciousness, disfiguration and throttling the victim.
  • The rape relates with a robbery (either first, second or third degree)
  • Be aided by an accomplice in raping the victim.

In regards to the penalties for first-degree rape, the standard penalty for a 1st degree is a life sentence with the possibility of parole. However if the offender violated Maryland Code of Law Sections 3-503(a)which refers to first kidnapping a child aged 14 to 15 and then committing the rape results in a life sentence with no parole, additionally this form of penalty is also charged on criminals that had a prior 1st degree sexual offense or rape charge.

Moreover, if the offender also violates the Maryland Code of LawSection 3-303(b) which refers to the culprit being at the least 18 years of age and the victim being younger than 13, results in a 25 year prison sentence however depending on the severity of the crime this penalty can increase to a life without parole. Nevertheless, 25 years in prison is the mandatory time for a 1st-degree rape charge.

Furthermore, the State of Maryland in the event that they have to issue either a life sentence without parole or the mandatory 25-year sentence will inform the offender 1 month prior the official trial.

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