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If you are seeking a criminal lawyer in Alexandria, VA, you need to know that it important to hire an experienced and qualified lawyer. Whether you are in Alexandria City Court of Alexandria Federal Court, the right guidance may save you years of headaches.

When charged with a criminal offense in Alexandria, you may face sentences ranging from months to years in prison and huge fines that will depend on the crime you had committed. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to hire an Alexandria criminal attorney to handle the case for you. If you are charged with offenses such as Traffic Tickets, Drug Dealing, Sex Crimes, Federal Crimes, White Collar Crimes, Homicide or Manslaughter, you need to engage a criminal defense attorney in Alexandria, VA.

To begin with, you’ll have a discussion with the criminal lawyer in Alexandria, VA about your case and offenses you are charged with. The criminal lawyer in Alexandria, VA should be able to come out with possible scenarios that’ll work out to your benefit. The Alexandria criminal attorney should also ask for a copy of the prosecutions claim against you including physical and digital evidence, witnesses and any material the prosecutor will use in court.

According to the law, the prosecutor in Alexandria, VA is generally prohibited from keeping from the defense of any material they will use in court. If the prosecutor does not adhere to this, your criminal lawyer in Alexandria, VA will express this to the judge to make the material inadmissible in court.

The criminal lawyer in Alexandria, VA needs to study all the aspects of the case very carefully. The criminal lawyer in Alexandria, VA can also carry out their own investigation so as to find any new evidences that may prove your innocence. All police or witness statements will be obtained and examined carefully to look for any mismatched details that the prosecution may use in court. This investigation should help your lawyer to form a strategic defense plan that can be effectively used in court.

The Alexandria criminal attorney will also look out for any witnesses whose evidence may be helpful to your case. Your criminal lawyer in VA may also start with interviewing the witnesses to determine whether their statement will be beneficial to any extent to their defense plan. The defense attorney also has the right to interrogate the prosecution’s witnesses during deposition. This will help you and your criminal attorney to adjust the strategy based on what may be used against you in court.

Even though you may be in attendance and attentive of each step the criminal defense lawyer takes before the trial, the most important thing before the trial is that the attorney prepares you to face the judge. Trials may be very agonizing and nerve-wracking. Your criminal attorney will explain how you need to dress and conduct yourself during the trial. The court does not insist that you testify during the trial but you are allowed to do it if you want to. If you choose to testify, your criminal lawyer should hand out answers to possible questions and have you practice multiple times until you are comfortable with your answers. The defense attorney will also give an opinion on whether or not your testimony will be beneficial to the case.

Mr. Sris is a criminal defense attorney who has defended numerous client before the City Court and the Federal Court of Alexandria. He has over 20 years of experience. C

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