Attorney Diana Constanza Cardona Betancur | Immigration Law

Diana Constanza Cardona Betancur: Immigration Law

Law and Political Science Graduate from the Free University of Pereira, Risaralda, Republic of Colombia with a specialization on Administrative Law from Santo Tomas University (Bogota) as well as a diploma in Conciliation.

My professional practice has revolved around a myriad of legal disciplines which I learned about within my alma mater; however, my greatest achievements have been the result of out-of-court conciliation, given that I have been bestowed with qualities that enable me to foster reconciliation by acknowledging differences and resolving conflicts within all areas of the law.

Currently, I am making great strides in the world of Real Estate Law and all legal aspects concerning residential property.

I have a wealth of experience in solving family issues, from civil status and processes of registration to family conflict resolution, including child custody, maintenance obligations, divorce, liquidation of the marital society and inheritance regardless of parties’ agreement.

Attorney Diana Constanza Cardona Betancur | Immigration Law

In terms of labour benefits, I handle all aspects pertaining to employment contracts and the legal actions required to enforce payment and contractual obligations. In addition, I have experience in asserting the recognition of employee benefits. Within the administrative field, I am fully capable to draw up a lawsuit against the Government, in relation to its administrative acts at both a general and specific level.

But beyond being a great lawyer, I am honest and sensible. A humanist at heart, I will surely assist you in your case not only from a LEGAL, but also from a FAIR and EQUITABLE standpoint.


July 2000

Administrative Contracting – Specialized Course

Free University of Pereira

December 2001

Civil law with emphasis on property leasing contracts – Specialized Course

Free University of Pereira

June 2002

Law and political science – Bachelor of Law

Free University of Pereira

June 2002

Conciliation – Specialized Course

Chamber of Commerce Pereira

May 2004

Administrative Law – Postgraduate Specialization

Santo Tomas University


Trial Lawyer


20 Years