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Attorney Nancy Greene

Attorney Nancy Greene is a sci-fi/ fantasy geek and business lawyer. Don’t let her fun side fool you, Nancy knows and means business. For over 25 years, she has worked with start-ups and multi-million-dollar companies. Passionate about empowering and educating business owners, Nancy has a near-allergic reaction to legal mumbo jumbo.  Her no-nonsense, insightful, yet easy-to-understand principles and advice are especially highlighted in her best-selling book, Navigating Legal Landmines: A Practical Guide to Business Law for Real People, as well as legalese-free videos about the common mistakes that destroy businesses. A sought-after speaker for businesses at all stages in their growth and success, Nancy is also regularly featured on syndicated podcasts and blogs. When not lawyering, Nancy lives on a horse farm with her family and writes fiction.

Nancy Greene


Business Lawyer


25 Years