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In Fairfax, VA a fair number of people take the road for work every day. With a population of 1,158,620 and most of them holding a driving license, there is a high risk of an auto accident in Fairfax VA. The highways are the most dangerous resulting in auto accidents due to reckless driving or negligence by the driver. As you will be dealing with the at-fault insurance company, you need substantial information to get the maximum claim. The lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C., can take over your case, giving you the liberty to focus on your injury.

For many Fairfax drivers, commuting daily is dangerous especially while they rush to work or home for events. Distractions are the cause of auto accidents in Fairfax VA. Despite taking safety precautions while driving, there is no control over the actions of drivers in vehicles around you. If you are a victim of an auto accident in Fairfax VA, call the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. to talk to an attorney now! Our auto accident attorney in Fairfax, VA can discuss legal options for a fair claim.

Being a victim of an auto accident in Fairfax VA can leave you not just injured but also financially broke to even engage an attorney. The victim suffers physically, emotionally, and financially. An experienced Auto Accident Attorney in Fairfax VA can determine the extent of the claim you are entitled to. All the facets of the crash are analyzed and the compensation value is determined.

Some of the compensations considered by Auto Accident Attorney Fairfax, VA include:

  • Loss of wages
  • Hospitalization cost
  • Rehabilitation cost
  • Emotional agony
  • Vehicle repair and rental cost
  • Property damage
  • Court fees
  • Sufferings underwent due to physical injury
  • Loss of consortium
  • Disability

It is not easy to come up with an exact compensation figure. It requires the assistance of an able and skilled Auto Accident Attorney in Fairfax, VA to derive the right claim amount. If you are involved in an auto accident, do not wait anymore and contact an attorney Fairfax, VA immediately.

They take one step at a time in getting you compensated.

Factors increasing the risk of an auto accident in Fairfax VA are:

  • Speed driving
  • Texting or talking over mobile while driving
  • Not adhering to traffic signals
  • Improper passing
  • Distracted driving
  • Poor driving skills
  • Faulty brakes
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Poor road conditions, etc.

Auto accidents are a result of impaired or aggressive driving. Despite the reasons for auto accidents in Fairfax, VA, even a minor crash can be fatal and needs the help of an experienced attorney. In Fairfax, VA, the procedures for filing auto accident claims are different from other states; therefore, a local attorney should be ideal.


It is really important to accomplish several important steps beforehand, to acquire highly successful claims. Meanwhile, getting assistance from the best auto accident attorneys in Fairfax, VA will make the procedures easy and simple. An auto accident attorney in Fairfax, VA is essential to collect and submit evidence that helps in the progress of a claim.

The auto accident attorney in Fairfax, VA visits the location of the crime scene, to gather video or pictorial proofs, witnesses, or surveillance footage. All auto accident attorneys in Fairfax, VA are extremely efficient in obtaining police and medical reports. Once all the information required is collected, the auto accident attorney in Fairfax, VA will issue a notice to the insurance company of the faulty driver requesting a claim and thereby acquire a claim value.

In the notice, the auto accident attorney in Fairfax VA will inform the insurance company of the at-fault party that they will represent the injured party and will expatiate on the damages caused by the former as a result of the collision. After receiving the notice from the victim’s attorney, the insurance company would probably investigate their side. If the company is aware of the fact that an auto accident attorney in Fairfax, VA is part of the claim process, they deal and communicate directly with the attorney.

The auto accident attorney in Fairfax, VA, with all their knowledge and experience prepares a medical summary of the injuries suffered by their clients and will explain whether the injuries sustained will heal within a short period or have lifetime implications. If the company rejects a claim, the person concerned can raise a lawsuit against the other party with the support of an auto accident attorney in Fairfax, VA.


  • Longer periods of waiting can never recover and repair damages.
  • Checking for the involvement of governmental entities, as in these cases the periods of notice vary.

If a person is injured by a state vehicle, the Fairfax VA attorney files a lawsuit within two years, and claim for the damages caused can be covered through notices issued within one year. Lawsuits can be filed in the circuit or district courts of Virginia by the Fairfax VA auto accident attorney.

District courts
Claims amounting to $25000 and below can be dealt with in a district court. The district courts do not have a jury and it only conducts bench trials. Cases handled in a district court progress quickly and are easy to handle with the help of Fairfax, VA auto accident attorney.
Circuit courts

The court imposes no restrictions on the amount a person can recover. It allows defendants to medically examine the injuries of the plaintiff with the help of the doctors they have hired. Contact the Fairfax, VA auto accident attorney if you have a case.

Therefore, seeking aid from the best auto accident attorneys in Fairfax, VA at the initial stages can ensure zero errors. Auto accident attorneys in Fairfax VA assure smooth navigation through all legal formalities. An auto accident attorney in Fairfax VA ensures the best outcomes in a quick and uncomplicated manner. Get in touch with The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. right now.


  • Most people involved in an auto accident make the mistake of admitting to the fault. It becomes difficult to recover damages once you have accepted the fault. When a collision occurs, do not be in haste to admit your mistake and called a Fairfax, VA attorney at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C.
  • Do not refuse medical treatment at the crash scene. Initially, you may feel you are not hurt but complications may develop later and can become difficult for the auto accident attorney to prove. It will be easier to prove a claim with the help of a skilled Fairfax, VA attorney if injuries are present. Therefore, do not refuse treatment as it could complicate your case.
  • Do follow the orders of the doctor’s advice. If your doctor asks you to take rest or work lightly post-injury, follow their instructions. Failing to adhere to the advice can result in losing your claim. An auto accident attorney in Fairfax, VA can speed up your claim but ensure you do not end up in another crash between the auto accident and your claim.
  • Similarly, do not stop treatment as it can worsen your injury and it may become a reason to deny or decrease your compensation amount leaving a tough road ahead for your attorney.
  • Do not give any recorded statement to the insurance company of the alleged accused. There is no need to cooperate or answer their questions. An auto accident attorney in Fairfax, VA too will give you the same advice.
  • Do not give a recorded statement to the insurance company about the faulty driver. You are not obliged to explain to anyone and your auto accident attorney in Fairfax, VA will advise the same. Your statement can go against you in the case.
  • Do not sign on the medical authorization form of the other party’s insurance company. It can become a reason to deny your claim. Signing on a medical authorization form can give them access to your previous medical records weakening your case as your early injuries can turn against your claim. Speak to your attorney before signing any papers.


While filing a claim in an auto accident case in Fairfax, VA, your attorney will explain the types of damages and cap on the amount. Here is a brief on the types of damages.

The damages can be divided into three types:

  • Monetary damages
  • Non-economic damages
  • Penal damages

Monetary damages include income loss, hospital, medicine, and therapy expenses. All these are quantitative and can be compensated. If you have lost your job due to disability or loss of pay due to the inability to go to work during injury, the damages can be recovered from the faulty driver. The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. can work towards recovering damages. Our Auto Accident Attorney Fairfax VA is experienced in recovering your economic damages.

Non-economic damages are related to sufferings the victim had to undergo during and after the crash. Sufferings can be physical or emotional. The Auto Accident Attorney in Fairfax, VA can validate the sufferings and come up with a compensation amount. While calculating the damages, the attorney takes into account the inability to engage in a hobby, recreation, or fitness activities. The severity of the injury can lead to disruption to conduct daily chores like dressing, grooming, etc., and the Auto Accident Attorney Fairfax, VA takes it all into considerations while calculating recovery of damages.

The auto accident caused due to drunken driving can result in penal damages. If the victim’s attorney can show the driver caused the crash willfully or wanton, it can lead to punitive action. However, this type of action is uncommon in auto accidents in Fairfax VA.

In the state of Virginia, there is no cap on punitive damages but it cannot be over $350,000. This cap applies to car collisions only. When state or county vehicles are involved in a collision, there is a cap on damages. The Fairfax, VA auto accident attorney can give you more details.


Finding who is at fault could be an ordeal for the victim’s attorney, as none would be interested in accepting their fault. There are instances where the driver may assume that they are right. If both the drivers encountering the road believe they are right, it could lead to complications. At these times, an experienced Fairfax, VA auto accident attorney can use various investigative tools to determine the collision.

Personal Injury Attorney Virginia

Some of the tools used by the auto accident attorney include:

  • Examining police report
  • Discussing with the reporting officer
  • Talking to involved parties
  • Recreating the crash site
  • Understanding the traffic behavior at the crash scene
  • Checking CCTV footages

Failure to give way is the major cause of accidents. For example, when a driver is taking a left turn when another driver is approaching or taking a U-turn while another driver is making a right turn. In such cases, it is not easy to determine fault and the assistance of a skilled Fairfax VA auto accident attorney is a must.

Some more examples include failure to give way in four-way stops, one-way bridge, no traffic control, etc. Here the drivers have to adhere to the rules, if they fail it results in an accident. Failing to give way becomes an opportunity for insurance companies to deny claims. The experienced auto accident attorney in Fairfax, VA takes the views of subject matter experts from various walks of life to put together the best opinion to get maximum benefit for their client.


As soon as an auto accident happens in Fairfax, VA, the insurance company of the victim or the faulty driver is contacted. The insurance company collects the driver’s license details and tracks the claimant and the policyholder. The two insurance companies contact one another and they contact the people involved to find out about the accident. The companies locate the faulty driver and resolve the claim quickly. But, this may not be done fairly, as they might undervalue the claim and the victim will be left with no option to fight for their rightful claim in the future. Though it might appear to be a quick resolve for the injured in actual sense it leaves the victim at loss. Before the insurance companies could reach you, contact a reputed Auto Accident Attorney Fairfax, VA, and bring them to the negotiation table.

The insurance companies approach the injured in a friendly manner to collect statements. Do not become vulnerable to their kindness as they are trained to be polite. Though, it does not yield the desired results in your case. Their goal is to protect their company from fat checks by paying you a meager amount. Call Auto Accident Attorney Fairfax VA immediately before giving any statement to the insurance company.

Do not cash on the insurance company check. The insurance company will be quick to hand you a check to lure you into their trap. When the check is encashed, you cannot bring up a claim again. For instance, you may realize a fractured bone can leave you with a hospital bill of $10,000, whereas the insurance company might have settled the claim of $3,000. The injured will not be able to recover the remaining $7,000 if the claim is settled. Only an experienced Auto Accident Attorney in Fairfax VA can protect you from being a victim of meager claims. The Auto Accident Attorney in Fairfax, VA discusses with the medical experts and therapists before putting up a value for your claim. Therefore, what seems a minor injury may not necessarily be true.

The Auto Injury Attorney in Fairfax VA interacts with the insurance company and pursue them to settle the claim quickly. The Auto Accident Attorney in Fairfax, VA informs you about your rights and the damages you are entitled to. Post-accident contact the Auto Accident Attorney in Fairfax, VA without delay and take pictures of the accident scene and the vehicle in question. With a local Auto Injury Attorney in Fairfax, VA by your side, you can be sure no one can approach you for a statement.

The Auto Injury Fairfax VA collects all the evidence and tracks them to collect statements. Acting quickly is the key. If you delay the process by a few months, the accident scene cannot be recreated and the witnesses cannot be traced. The Auto Injury Attorney in Fairfax VA has immense experience in the field and with the help of the best tools can build a strong claim.

The task of handling insurance companies is best left to your attorney. With years of experience in handling auto injury cases, the attorney will be able to squeeze maximum claim from the insurance company. Get in touch with The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. right now!


In the commonwealth of Virginia, a no-fault driver can use medical coverage to clear medical bills, at the same time recover from the third party too. The injured can claim from their own insurance company instead of seeking from the faulty driver. Though in Virginia, PIP is not prescribed by law, it can be treated as an option, if it does some good to both the parties. The medical payment coverage can help clear the medical bills giving time for recovery. Meanwhile, the attorney can build a claim.

Knowing well that an accident can be a traumatic phase for the victims, the lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. ensure that the case is handled professionally and professionally without making any compromises. C

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