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In the American legal system, terms like ‘child custody’ and ‘guardianship’ are used interchangeably. This way, a workable bond between the child and the parent can be assigned, while they are dutifully cared for. The nurturer also has the privilege of making decisions on the kid’s behalf. Divorces are the primary causes where the biological father and mother fight for guardianship, visitation, and contact rights. In some rare cases a person other than the parent may be awarded the responsibility. But this is only after expressly surmounting the biological parents’ fundamental privilege to caring for their minor. To know more about this, speak to our child custody lawyers Virginia, who are also the best child custody lawyers in Virginia.

If the mother and father are unmarried partners, then paternity may have to be established before taking charge. Typically, a decision for guardianship is made in the best interests of the offspring. The different types of parenting are custodian and non-custodian. Which means, the children may not live with the custodian mother or father, literally.

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Virginia State jurisdictions

In the United States, laws vary in accordance with districts and states. Depending upon where you are currently residing, get acquainted with the laws of the state applicable to your position. Commensurate with the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, the court determines the safe keeping of the child. The ruling also depends upon the continuous residence of the youngster for the past 6 months. It should be before the mother and father’s divorce.

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Different types of guardianship in Virginia

There are various types of custodian rights available in the state of Virginia. Get in touch with the best child custody lawyer, Fairfax, Virginia for more information. The safest interests of the kid are taken into account before proffering the judgment. Entitlement may be offered to either one or both the mother and the father. Courts in Virginia, typically weigh various factors prior to offering co-parenting, rights especially when the couple is separated.

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Physical Onus

When Virginia courts announce that the youngster can live with one of the maternities, then it is physical guardianship. Joint physical responsibility means that both mom and dad get to spend a substantial amount of time with the youngster. The child is spared of the stress of travel when the partners live close by. He / She may principally live with either with the mother or the father, who is the custodian. In this case, the disentitled mother / father is only provided visiting rights, to spend some amount of time with the child.

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Legal Onus

When a guardian is provided the authority to make decisions about upbringing — it means legal ownership has been offered. The kid’s schooling, religious upbringing, and healthcare are, for instance, with a mother or father who is also the legal guardian. Want joint legal guardianship in Virginia state? Speak to the best child custody lawyers Virginia.

The best child custody lawyers in Virginia, advice Joint Legal Supervision. This may also be offered in several courts, so that decision-making becomes a shared responsibility. One parent cannot exclude the other from any of the decision-making. In such a case the uninformed guardian can go back to court to reverse the agreement for responsibility. While there are no fines or prison times involved, it can cause a huge embarrassment. This could lead to additional conflict and hostility between both the parents, which is harmful for the children. Apart from this, you may also have to bear the cost of an attorney.

Get in touch with the best child custody lawyers Virginia to know about other circumstances for legal ownership. These are cases where interacting with the other parent becomes difficult. He (father)/She (mother) is abusive or just does not consult with you before taking an important decision pertaining to the youngster’s future. Especially in the state of Virginia, we can fight it out in court for you to provide sole legal based on facts presented to us.

Sole Ownership

Usually, if the other parent is deemed unfit, the courts in Virginia will not hesitate to proffer sole responsibility of the youngster to the one either the mother or the father. For instance, if there are issues with drug or alcohol dependence, child abuse or sheer neglect, the court in Virginia may not award custody.

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While courts in Virginia do award sole ownership they are largely moving away from this practice, simply because they want both the mom and dad to play a role in the child’s life. If the courts do proffer sole physical responsibility, the mother and father are bound to share joint legal obligations. Here, the non-custodian enjoys visitation rights. Even if one parent remains the key caretaker, it is essential that the other one can be involved in the kids’ lives. It could be parenting through a visitation on schedule as agreed.

Our child custody lawyers Virginia, recommend not to seek sole ownership even if there is animosity between the spouses. But if the other parent causes direct harm to the youngsters, then it is best to keep away. Even then, the courts in Virginia would allow supervised visitation rights to the other.

Joint Custody

Child Custody Laws

Also known as Shared Custody, Joint custody is awarded to partners who do not live together.

They share all decision-making and physical guardianship of their offspring. Even when the mother and father are not cohabiting, divorced, or separated, joint responsibility may exist between them. Shared duties come in three forms:

Joint Legal And Physical Custody

The youngster spends equal living time with both the parents and has two residences. A joint legal and physical custody is a convenient option when both the mom and dad live in the same region. Important decisions about the baby’s future are taken jointly by the parents. They work together to resolve crucial issues like schooling, medical treatments, religion, etc. One of the biggest priorities of such a responsibility is communication. There is also some evidence that this type of arrangement is preferable to sole onus.

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Joint legal and sole physical Custody

The child spends most of its living with the mother or father,when they are awarded sole physical. Both parents share the responsibility of making important life decisions for the child. They have to work together towards providing the good upbringing even if the son / daughter resides in one primary residence. In case of disagreement, one parent may have the authority to play tiebreaker. Otherwise, parents may be given decision-making authority across certain situations and areas.

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Joint legal Custody

Legal guardianship is shared by parents in many ways. At times, a court in Virginia stipulates the specifics, while letting you collaborate on certain standards. Parents can choose the following options:

  1. Whenever feasible, parents should work in partnership for all decisions for the offspring. For instance, the parents may mutually decide whether the kid can go on a field trip or which school to study in, altogether
  2. Even if one parent has physical onus, both of them arestill involved in the decision-making process.
  3. Big choices are taken by both the parents together, while smaller decisions are taken by them individually
  4. Certain types of authoritative decisions are bestowed to each parent — e.g. one parent may decide upon religion, while the other may take decisions about schooling

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Arrangements in joint responsibility

Usually, a program is worked out between parents who share the ownership of the son or daughter. This revolves around their work schedule, housing activities and the child’s wants. Other physical guardianship arrangements may also be congenial. It could be across six-month periods or alternating months/years. The youngster may also be spending holidays and weekends with one parent and weekdays with the other. Likewise, children may even stay in the family home and the parents may keep moving in and out to spend their time. This is also the bird’s nest arrangement or simply nesting. Our child custody lawyers in Virginia, will provide you all information about joint ownership arrangements.

Benefits and disadvantages of joint custody

While the advantages of joint guardianship are many, it also comes with some drawbacks for the parents and the kid. Skilled child custody lawyers Virginia consider several aspects before deciding ownership options.

Virginia Child Custody Lawyers


To arrive at the most suitable decisions, both parents must communicate with each other. Ask our lawyers to set up a discussion between yourselves. Even if there is reluctance, the idea is absolutely advantageous for the child. The parents are trying to make healthy decisions. Certain rules like meals, bedtimes, and other upbringing choices are made effectively. The input of a co-parent is highly welcome especially when major decisions around medical care and education are concerned. With this, the dynamism of parenting is maintained. Children are assured of the involvement of both the parents in their lives. Get your joint deal from the finest child custody lawyers Virginia.


History is never forgotten. That is why even parents who are divorced are unable to forget their bitter times together. Continuous collaborations on important aspects may become difficult. Again, there is a level of impracticality attached to consulting the other parent when he/she is not reachable. The system, parents feel, is manipulative. Forcing parents to cooperate does not warrant a demonstration of responsibilities. There are little chances of achieving healthy communication. The conflict continues even through the divorce and legal custody. To avoid all conflicts and come to an amiable solution, speak to the best child custody lawyers Virginia.

Situations for joint legal custody

Child custody lawyers Virginia are experts at determining the kind of onus that you should seek. If one parent works willingly, and the other has administrative skills, the mixture works well for the child. Alternatively, the court in Virginia may grant joint legal ownership only to one parent. The other is unreliable like not being in touch for a long period of time. To make this type of arrangement work, communication is highly essential. Speak to our lawyers in Virginia to arrive at accurate decisions.

Child custody laws Virginia


Consult with the best child custody lawyers Virginia to know all about your rights to guardianship. Both parents are equally entitled to the physical ownership of the kid and a court order must indicate this. Whether you are married to each other or not, the law is not preferential. It still looks after the best interests of the offspring. In Virginia, the judge ought to be assured of frequent and regular contact with the child by both the parents. There are no assumptions made that responsibilities will be shared. Within the state of Virginia, you will notice judges offering joint legal as well as shared physical.

Ordering child custody in Virginia

Every judiciary has an ownership process. Our Child custody lawyers Virginia will approach the J&DR or the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, to file a petition with the Court Services for child custody on your behalf. The filing procedure depends upon the home state or home county where the son or daughter was last living for six months. Withal, the petition will still be appraised even if it were filed in the wrong county. Alternatively, if there are disagreements from either party, the case could be transferred to the appropriate state or county from Virginia.

After filing for childcare

Seek advice from the best Child custody lawyers Virginia before filing a petition for custody in the J&DR court.

Most of the time, parents not aware of the rules in Virginia, approach the court without paying the filing fee for the ‘Form DC-606’. But in such cases, it may take a long time before the judge hears your plea. Thereafter, another order requiring parenting class may appear. You are highly unlikely to be offered custody if you do not attend the parenting class. Simultaneously, it will several months to the next hearing.

The kid is represented by a Guardian Ad Litem appointed by the judge. The DSS or Department of Social Services will undertake home studies for the youngster, again, as ordered by the judge. Finally, a Court Appointed Special Advocate may even investigate the case to pinpoint custodial rights. With our child custody lawyers Virginia, you will be able to navigate across your custodial cases, with ease.

The judge’s decision On Custody

Several factors are examined before deciding upon the kid’s custody in the state of Virginia. A lot depends upon the parents’ previous roles in upbringing. This will be deemed as a precursor to playing a role in the future of the child as well. The age and mental conditions of both the parent and the child are studied thoroughly. Additionally, the court decides based on the needs of the child and its best interest. The parents’ willingness to support and contact the child, maintain a close relationship, cooperate, communicate, and resolve issues. Our child custody lawyers Virginia provide predictable and positive solutions as required by law.

Harmful factors

The judge scrutinizes the following things before deciding custody:

  • Alcohol and illegal / prescription drug abuse
  • Adultery
  • Complaints with the CPS or Founded Child Protective Services
  • Convictions in criminal cases
  • Hospitalizations for mental health issues
  • Any other impairments either physical or mental that could affect the child

Aside from the above, the preferences of the child are also, depending upon the child’s age. Considerations are given to mature children especially if they are 14 years and older. Unless the want is awkward, their preferences are measured and executed.

Speak to child custody lawyers Virginia for perspective on harmful factors examined before awarding custody.

Visitation rights in Virginia

Congruous to Virginia Law, the judge has to be assured of frequent and regular contact with the child by the parents. Child visitations are always granted when custody is denied. Liberal and reasonable visitation rights may also be offered provided both the parties are in mutual agreement. Alternatively, the court and the judge in Virginia, will rule the specific times for visitations as well. Even then, the distance between residences and the previous frequency of contact will be weighed by the court.

Unless your parental rights have been categorically terminated by a court, you cannot be kept away from your child. This, per contra, depends upon the fact that you, as a parent are unfit or are a danger to upbringing. In such a case, your visitation will be supervised by the DSS or another responsible adult. To fight this order, speak to our Child custody lawyers Virginia to file an appeal in the J&DR Court within 10 days of the final order. The appeal may also be filed on the next business day if the 10th day is a weekend or a holiday. Check with our child custody lawyers in Virginia for the same.

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