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If you are one of those parents worried about child custody, you may be experiencing severe stress.

Hiring an attorney who is experienced in custody matters can be a big relief to you.

In Virginia, the divorce laws and custody laws are classified under family law.

Family law in Virginia is not restricted to divorce laws alone, it extends to divorce, adoption and minor guardianship.

Virginia divorce and custody laws are very complex. The spouse filing for divorce or minor guardianship has to meet some important conditions to file for relief. In divorce cases where children are involved, the process becomes more complex as the court is imposed with an additional question of who will have primary physical care of the children. If you wish to retain guardianship of your minor, you should immediately contact a highly skilled minor guardianship lawyer in Virginia to fight your case and try and obtain an order in your favor.

Virginia law provides for the grant of 2 types of custody, physical and legal custody.

If physical care is granted, the parent who has been awarded guardianship will be allowed to reside with the minor child. Such parent to whom primary care is awarded is termed as a custodial parent. It is the duty of the custodial caretaker to meet the needs of the minor such as providing food on time, the required clothing and shelter. In a majority of minor guardianship cases, the caretaker who does not have guardianship of the juvenile is ordered to pay juvenile support to the custodial parent.

Any parent who has been awarded legal care of the minor child will have the right to make all the important decisions of the juvenile’s life. Such important decisions include the right to decide the religion the juvenile should follow, the school he should attend, etc. In most cases, both parents take these decisions by mutual agreement. Though the law prefers the parties to decide by mutual discussion, most often such discussion end in the difference of opinion. In situations where there is a difference of opinion, the decision of the custodial parent is usually final.

A visitation schedule is ordered which states in clear terms as to the days in which each parent is to have guardianshipcustody of the juvenile. A proper custody order tries to take into consideration all problems that are likely to arise between the couple in the future. At times guardianship orders will impose restrictions on one parent’s visitation.

Virginia generally permits each parent to a minimum visitation period of one weeknight per week. In cases involving child abuse, the court may use its discretion in ordering supervised visitation. Supervised visitation is usually ordered when the judge is of the opinion that the minor child will be exposed to some danger if unsupervised visitation is allowed.

Best interests of the minor child are the main factor considered by the court in ordering guardianship of the child, Another important factor the court considers is the ability of the custodial parent to support the child’s relationship with the noncustodial parent. You can enhance your chances of winning your minor guardianship by hiring a skilled Virginia minor guardianship attorney who can convince the court that the best interests of the child are served if the child resides with you

In proving the concept of best interests the court determines how fit the parent is to have guardianship of the child. You should hire a minor guardianship lawyer in Virginia who also cares for the children and advises you based on the effect the custody decision is going to have on them. The most important thing you should remember is that having a highly skilled Virginia child care attorney by your side increases your chance of winning the minor guardianship case

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