Child Pornography/Solicitation Of Minor Hampton Roads Virginia Beach Chesapeake Norfolk Lawyer

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Sex Crime Defense Lawyer Virginia

Crimes related to pornography and solicitation of a minor in Virginia are becoming increasingly common, given the proliferation of prohibited images, sexting and the increasing complexity of criminal law. All too often, individuals accidentally stumble across prohibited images such as child pornography or inadvertently solicit a minor and face serious charges. Due to TV shows in which people are targeted by pornography stings or solicitation of a minor sting , federal and state authorities have become increasingly aggressive in investigating and prosecuting these types of crimes. If you are confronted with a pornography allegation in Hampton Roads (primarily, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach or Norfolk), please contact your Virginia sex crimes lawyer to be your point of contact between local law enforcement agency, the Virginia Attorney General’s Office or federal law enforcement.


I WANT MY LAWYER – THEN CALL 888-437-7747 FOR HELP IN THE HAMPTON ROADS AREA (Including But Not Limited To Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake)

The initial consultation is always almost free of charge and can be decisive for the preservation or loss of your freedom. Child pornography and solicitation of a minor in Virginia is punishable by heavy prison sentences, and these penalties often include mandatory minimum sentences. Convictions for child pornography solicitation of a minor in Virginia can lead to registration as a sex offender, which you must register as a sex offender long after you have served your sentence.

You deserve a lawyer who understands the science of computer forensics and has dealt with such allegations before. Mr. Sris is one of the few lawyers in Virginia, Maryland & DC who is not only a lawyer but also has bona fide certifications in IT. Very few lawyers can claim this degree of knowledge and this level of experience. Mr. Sris has been defending computer sex crimes cases for over 20 years. Mr. Sris travels all throughout Virginia & Maryland defending clients accused of numerous allegations of child pornography and solicitation of minor cases. He knows what it takes to attack serious allegations, and he knows the computer science underlying your child pornography case or solicitation of a minor in Virginia case usually way more than any lawyer you can have with you.

We are not here to judge you, we are here to help you and we are here today to defend you against the most serious allegations of child pornography or solicitation of a minor in the Hampton Roads Area including but not limited to Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake.

Pornography charges can result in extremely harsh sentences in Hampton Roads (Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake), and Mr. Sris has experience fighting them.

Can you be arrested in Virginia for pornography or solicitation and how do you deal with child pornography charges or solicitation of a minor in Chesapeake, Norfolk or Virginia Beach, VA?

We have offices in Fairfax, Richmond & Fredericksburg and have represented clients who have faced child pornography allegations or solicitation of a minor charges in the Hampton Roads Area (Chesapeake, Norfolk & Virginia Beach) both before the state and federal courts of VA. A conviction for child pornography or solicitation of a minor in Virginia will have far-reaching implications for the life of a convicted sex offender. We understand the allegations, we understand how child pornography images may have accidentally gotten onto a computer or how you may have inadvertently solicited a minor. We know how to answer law enforcement questions in such circumstances.

We are your solicitation of a minor lawyer in Chesapeake, solicitation of a minor lawyer in Norfolk & solicitation of a minor lawyer in VA Beach. We are also your child pornography defense lawyer in Chesapeake, child pornography defense lawyer in Norfolk, and child pornography defense lawyer in VA Beach. C