Child Support in Virginia: Everything You Need to Know Fairfax Attorney

In Virginia, when a couple goes through a divorce, child support laws are purposed to minimize the negative financial impact the split might have on any of the couple’s children. This is maintained by requiring each parent in order to make some contribution towards the money obligated to raise the children.

Who pays for child support?

The custodial parent is the only one who will be accompanying the child most of the time. Since this parent has to cover a lot of the daily financial requirements, including food, shelter, education and health care leaving only the non-custodial parent to pay for any support, required by the minor.

Either the parents or a court will decide who the custodial parent will be after a divorce but in most cases, the minor gets a major vote as well.

What Virginia Law Says About Calculating the Amount of Child Support

A court will always take in many different things into account when acknowledging the amount of payment needed within the juvenile’s maintenance. The mentioned factors may include: The parent’s salary, any commission earned (no matter what form), hourly wages, bonuses, pensions, gifts, some social security benefits, disability or worker’s compensation payments and any other factor that may involve the child ‘s support.

After determining your total income, a positioned formula will always be applied to notify how much you owe. The final result is a grid that reminds you of how much you’re required to pay based on your monthly income and the number of children you have.

The grid is easily understood and used. Along the top of the grid, the number of children is listed while on the other hand, the left side of the grid holds a record of the parent’s gross monthly income. To consider what you will pay, clearly find the point on each side of the grid that applies to your situation, trace down and across to find where they intersect. For instance, if you have two children and you make $2,000 a month, you will pay $527 in child support.

It is critical to note that however the grid is not set in accuracy and stone. The grid only gives you an idea of what you should pay, meaning the grid only highlights a clear estimate of the case, but the court will give you the exact figure.

What Virginia Law Says About How Child Support Is Determined

In Virginia, child support payments are often set up by the court, but this is not always the situation. The department of social services as well has the most ability to do this, but the process is somehow similar to what the court uses. In addition, you may not have to submit an application on your own if you are in any manner receiving public assistance. The Division of Child Support Enforcement, or DCSE, will do so on your behalf, in most situations.

What’s after dealing with child support issues?

If you have children and you’re facing paternity personal issues, separation, or even a divorce, the first thing you will have to figure out and consider is how your children will be financially stable and totally supported. In most cases, conflicts often arise in calculating a parent’s monthly income, determining custody, establishing a child’s paternity and finally, enforcing court-ordered juvenile maintenance. Several different options offered for mothers and/or fathers wishing to establish paternity, by Virginia, including low-price DNA testing through the Division of Child Support Enforcement in addition to several private testing suppliers.

Overall, divorce is a major life decision made by adults that have significant financial and emotional consequences on both the parents and children involved. How much juvenile maintenance you may be forced to pay or receive is not always easygoing and straightforward. But in most cases, an experienced divorce lawyer can guide you through the process and protect your interests.

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