Cost To File For Divorce In Maryland

After having decided that it is time for you to divorce your spouse in Maryland, the next thing you need to do is to familiarise yourself with the state’s requirements before beginning the process of filing.

Also, you must be wondering about how much it would cost for the entire proceedings to be wrapped up.

Well, on an average, the costs would be around $1600 and this is inclusive of the attorney’s fees for an uncontested divorce.

Attorneys’ fees constitute a big chunk of the cost of ending of the marriage are all variations because the average hourly rate for attorneys in Maryland is $300. Your attorney’s hourly rate, in addition to the costs, charge for the paralegals and other firm staff, determines attorneys’ fees.

Besides the attorney fees, you will also have to pay for the court filings, copying cost and sharing documents, and compensation for expert witnesses, child custody evaluators, appraisers, or financial analysts, etc.

Will the Cost of Divorce in Maryland differ in each case?

The answer to this is certainly yes! The cost would greatly vary depending on the minor children, high-net-worth of the parties involved, etc. Also, divorces based on fault grounds, such as adultery, cruelty, or desertion, will cost you much higher than the average.

Divorce will be expensive if minor children are involved

When you have minor children, then the fee of dissolve bonds of matrimony in Maryland naturally shoots up. In general, the cost of dissolve bonds of matrimony in such cases can be about 50% higher than the average.

But in cases where the parties are able to reach a settlement amicably before the trial, the fees can go down.

Disagreement over Alimony

Another reason for the dissolve bonds of matrimony fee to shoot up is the disagreement over the alimony.

A settlement or preparing for trial in such cases will turn out to be expensive as you will have to hire financial experts and vocational analysts to review the opinions.

Property Dispute

When there are properties than needs to be divided and a dispute arises out of it, it will naturally increase the fee of your dissolution of marriage in Maryland. The divorce fee will be on the higher side if it involves high-net-worth couples and couples opting for trial rather than settling it out of court amicably.

For example, parties opting for dissolve bonds of matrimony with big retirement benefits, brokerage, savings accounts, vehicles, and real estate will have to spend more on the divorce fees as it needs a lot of financial analyses from attorneys, appraisers, and tax experts.

Hiring an attorney

You should be by now aware that filing for divorce will need the guidance of an Maryland divorce attorney. So, make sure to get in touch with an experienced Maryland divorce attorney dealing. Also, work out on the costs well before so that it doesn’t cause any hardship later. C

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