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Matters related to the family are sensitive and complex. Many couples want to resolve the issue without stepping into the courtroom. Residents of Alexandria VA can relax as the legal system protects the rights of the couple as well as the children. A dedicated divorce attorney in Alexandria VA can work out an amicable solution without worries. The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. has years of experience and our Divorce Attorney Alexandria VA is committed to fighting your case. What makes us the right option is our skilled legal guidance and compassionate support to make the clients feel safe. Our divorce attorney in Alexandria VA handles each case with competence and care.

Anything associated with human relationships is complicated. When the couple feels they are done with the marriage, they opt for a dissolution. Ending a relationship can give a sense of relief when there is continuous conflict in the marriage. The process is stressful but the result is welcome. The couple would have debated, fought, and negotiated over several issues and when it does not yield the desired results, they turn towards a divorce attorney in Alexandria VA. At this point, you can trust the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. Our divorce attorney in Alexandria VA has experience in handling out-of-court settlements.

Access to the courts is limited post-COVID 19 pandemic and many couples facing significant problems in marriage opt for Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR) to put an end to their marriage. In the Commonwealth of Virginia, the most common ADR is the Separation Agreement or Property Settlement Agreement. Keeping social distancing norms in mind, you need to contact the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. for drafting a Separation Agreement. Our divorce attorney in Alexandria VA can come up with a quick solution for your queries.


It is a legal contract between the couple elaborating on the terms of separation. The agreement covers issues to be sorted before a marriage dissolution. The divorce attorney in Alexandria VA will chalk out a separation agreement to suit your terms and conditions.


  1. Property division
    1. It is the division of assets.
    2. It can be marital home, tangible personal property including jewelry, furniture, vehicles, etc., and intangible property like an investment, bonds, bank accounts, and retirement accounts.
  2. Debt distribution
    1. Resolving debts related to auto liens, credit cards, and student loans. It involves who will be responsible for repaying the debts or how the obligation will be shared.
  3. Spousal support
    1. It describes the support obligation in terms of monthly payments or specifications of waiving support.
  4. Child custody, child support, and visitation
    1. If the couple has minor children, the provisions for child custody, support, and visitation are included by the attorney in Alexandria VA.

All the above subjects are diligently handled by a divorce attorney in Alexandria VA for a peaceful solution.


  1. Affordable solution:
    1. The court process for dissolution is time-consuming, where even a simple case may take months together. In the case of complex cases, it may even take years. In such cases, the divorce attorney fees; work holidays for hearing, depositions, and court costs in Alexandria VA, will add to the agony.
    2. Separation agreements are the most viable and cost-effective solution for dissolution. The couple never steps into a courtroom. You save money on documentation and fees. Moreover, you can be relieved from the apprehension and stress associated with the litigation process as the divorce attorney in Alexandria VA takes care of the case. It gives you emotional relief.
  2. Decide what you need?
    1. It is never possible for the couple to walk-out content in a dissolution case. Remember; as far as dissolution is concerned, there is no winner or loser.
    2. In a separation agreement, both parties have control of the outcome. A divorce attorney in Alexandria VA can work out the differences cordially. It makes a lot of sense to leave the decision-making to the couple. In such cases, the attorney in Alexandria VA can provide proper guidance.
  3. Creativity
    1. The couple can add their terms to the separation agreement. At times, the judge may not be willing to order sharing the college expenses of the child, etc. In a separation agreement, the couple has the scope to create their clauses with the guidance of divorce attorney in Alexandria VA
    2. The spouses can also choose what to include and exclude in the agreement in consultation with the divorce attorney in Alexandria VA. Partial separation agreement like solving some disputes and leaving out a few is also possible.

The divorce attorney in Alexandria VA puts in their heart and soul into the subject to ensure the couples split happily without much loss to one another. Get in touch with The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. right now.


  1. Not binding
    1. The separation agreement is prepared by one party and it does not mean the other is bound to sign it. It is a contract and it has to be mutual. There may be instances where the other party may refuse to sign in the final stage.
    2. The couple can’t agree on the terms; especially when there are so many differences between them. The grounds for dissolution may hinder the communication process.
  2. Reasonability
    1. Both parties have to act reasonably to get into an agreement.
    2. Spouses with different viewpoints find it difficult to agree to the terms of the other, where the negotiation may fail. It is true when it comes to child custody and monetary issues.
  3. Timespan
    1. If one of the spouses is buying time and evading an agreement, the court summons or deadlines can work to achieve quick results. In the case of separation agreement, this pressure is absent.
    2. With no technical deadline, there are very few tools available to draft an agreement. Calling in a spouse for negotiation with a pending case could be near to impossible.

The hurdles may be many, yet the divorce attorney in Alexandria VA uses various tools to bring favorable responses. The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. plays an invaluable role in working a separation agreement. Speak to our divorce attorney in Alexandria VA, if you have any questions on separation negotiation and agreement.


Couple deciding to end their marriage finds Alternative Dispute Resolution a viable option. The divorce attorney in Alexandria VA can solve disputes related to spousal support, child custody, child support, visitation, property division, debts, etc., using ADR based on the following factors:

  1. The degree of dispute related to key issues.
  2. Receptivity for one another to resolve the issue quickly.

Engaging a divorce attorney in Alexandria VA is advantageous, as they have the knowledge and experience to resolve the issue without taking it to the court. The Law Office of SRIS, P.C. has immense experience in handling separation agreements with proven success.

The attorney in Alexandria VA prepares clients to face all possible obstacles. The process of ending a marriage could be taxing physically and emotionally. Each spouse will have to hire a proficient divorce attorney in Alexandria VA to fetch a favorable outcome. The divorce attorney in Alexandria VA defend their clients during the trial and strive to achieve the best results. A marriage dissolution could become time-consuming when the couple is unable to reach a consensus on issues regarding dissolution. But now, the court offers modern alternatives to legalize marriage dissolution. These new options offered by the court are known to be less costly, stress-free, and can greatly save time and energy. Some of them are:

  • Arbitration
  • Collaborative process
  • Mediation


Arbitration is usually carried out outside the court, probably at the offices of the divorce attorney in Alexandria VA. It is closely related to the traditional procedures concerning the couple. In this scenario, the couple along with a third unbiased party called the arbitrator will be present. The neutral party is bound to make the final decisions adhering to all legal processes, after carefully examining the facts related to the case. When the parties are unable to draw a solution under mutual consent, the arbitrators will enforce their decisions, which the couple would be bound to after the separation.


The modern way to resolve disputes between a married couples is termed as the collaborative process. It is an out-of-court settlement also known as no-court or peaceful marriage dissolution. The divorce attorney in Alexandria VA is trained professionally to handle the case without affecting the life after dissolution. The couple is offered security and counsel by the divorce attorney in Alexandria VA without stepping into the court.

In the collaborative process, the court allows child specialists and financial experts to work together as a team in association with the divorce attorney in Alexandria VA to come up with a stable agreement.


  • Arbitrating a mutual settlement without the interference of the court.
  • A platform for candid communication and sharing information.
  • The highest priority is given to creating shared solutions.

The collaborative process is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) following a non-litigation course to solve problems. Couples seeking dissolution opt for Collaborative Divorce Participation Agreement, guaranteeing out-of-court settlement by settling their differences through negotiation with the help of the divorce attorney in Alexandria VA. The role of a collaborative divorce attorney in Alexandria VA is to negotiate a settlement and to avoid going to court. Only if the collaborative divorce attorney in Alexandria VA fails in their endeavor, the couple can end the Collaborative Process and move the court.

Though the Collaborative Process has a favorable outcome as the couple is committed to a quick and fair settlement, it rests on the efficiency of the divorce attorney in Alexandria VA. In this case, the couple need not waste time, money, and other resources. Instead, they seek a viable solution to their problems by working together with dignity in the presence of a divorce attorney in Alexandria VA. If you want to secure your future with a solution that works for both of you and your kids, the collaborative process can be an ideal option.


Talk to your spouse about the collaborative process before seeking the assistance of the divorce attorney in Alexandria VA. Choose the option only if you are sure to resolve the conflicts through conciliation. A well-trained divorce attorney Alexandria VA will explain the course and help reach a solution that is acceptable for all without heading to the court. The divorce attorney Alexandria VA who is well aware of the laws regarding collaboration can handle these cases successfully.

In a bitter marriage, you need a mediator to communicate important decisions. The divorce attorney in Alexandria VA is your one-stop solution to help navigate the situation without having an emotional impact on either of the spouse and family members. The divorce attorney in Alexandria VA can help devise a parenting plan after considering the opinion of both parties. Understanding family finances and planning for the future is a lengthy process, and the divorce attorney in Alexandria VA can make it short and quick. If the need arises, a financial specialist is called in for a consultation to sort out the issues. The spouses can consult a child specialist or counselor if they need guidance in the developmental and emotional aspects of the child.


In this case, each of the spouses can have their divorce attorney in Alexandria VA to represent them. The couple that is facing a divorce will have to attend meetings during which the norms applicable after the dissolution are decided under the guidance of the divorce attorney in Alexandria VA.


During the hearings of a contested dissolution, the judge can order the spouses to get guidance from a third party called the mediator. A mediator will be functioning in the place of a judge to resolve all disputes between the couple regarding their settlement agreement. A mediator will transform a contested legal separation into an uncontested legal separation. Each of the parties is free to engage a divorce attorney in Alexandria VA to make sure all their requirements and suggestions are considered during mediation.

The Divorce attorney in Alexandria VA routinely turn to retired judges, who are found qualified and are designated as mediators to render unbiased judgments. Therefore, the process of mediation is the same as a collaborative divorce except for the intervention of neutral parties along with a qualified attorney in Alexandria VA.


Long – term meetings:

In this case, the couple may schedule meetings that could prolong for days and interact with the mediator several times. During each session, the marital parties along with the mediator will collect all details necessary, consider all opinions and look into proposing solutions to all issues. These consultations can take place in the presence of the divorce attorney in Alexandria VA. When dealing with matters related to child visitation, support, and custodial issues, the mediator will usually be a qualified counselor.

Ending the case within a day:

Under these circumstances, the marriage partners will allocate one complete day to settle all disagreements. They work along with the mediator with a motive to resolve a majority of the conflicts by the end of the consultation. The spouses would have individually consulted their respective divorce attorneys in Alexandria VA before this session. The divorce attorney in Alexandria VA will elaborate on all the rights and options available to their clients and aid them in fetching the desired outcome. After the objective of mediation is met, the conclusions drawn are drafted as an agreement and submitted at the court, after which the judge would declare the final judgment. Once when all legal requisites are met, the final decree for a divorce will be approved.

Mediation usually takes approximately 90 days for successful completion and the costs of mediation are less than that of the fee for a normal dissolution case at the court. The divorce attorney in Alexandria VA is an integral component in handling dissolution cases irrespective of the methods incorporated to acquire them. Divorce attorneys in Alexandria VA aid in smooth navigation through all the court procedures.


Couples seeking a divorce in Alexandria will have to ensure all matters regarding their separation are settled before the beginning of the case at the court. They are sure to obtain the desired results with the help of the best divorce attorney in Alexandria VA.

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The divorce attorney in Alexandria VA must provide competent services and prominent legal representation. Around the clock availability, effective legal counseling, and high rates of success are some of the characteristics that make an attorney in Alexandria VA proficient and illustrious. The charges levied by the divorce attorney in Alexandria VA are reasonable and affordable, so they are found accessible to people coming from different financial backgrounds.

If you are at the crossroads of your marriage, the Law Office of SRIS, P.C. with their dedicated team of divorce attorneys in Alexandria VA can resolve differences and help reach a unanimous decision on disputes. Our divorce attorney in Alexandria VA with their competence and compassion has solved several cases through the collaborative process without reaching the courtroom. Join hands with us for a quick dissolution.

In the event, you are not able to find an amicable way to resolve your divorce in Alexandria, VA, our divorce attorneys in Alexandria, VA are also well versed in litigating divorce cases before the circuit courts of Alexandria, VA. Our divorce attorneys in Alexandria, VA can also help you with your child custody case in Alexandria, VA. We routinely handled child custody cases before the Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court of Alexandria, VA. C

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