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Going through a divorce in Virginia can be a harrowing experience; especially if you have to deal with it all alone. That is why you need an experienced attorney to handle the case for you.

According to the divorce laws in Virginia, divorce is the legal termination of a marital union ordered by the court.

The divorce process can be poignant, emotional and time and money consuming. It is even worse when both the spouses do not agree on the terms of the divorce such as child custody, a division of marital assets or alimony. If the spouses agree on the terms of the divorce, then it can be made into an absolute divorce by hiring a divorce lawyer and getting an uncontested divorce.

What are the benefits of hiring a divorce lawyer in Virginia?

  • Resolve an agreement: You can settle an agreement with the help of a dissolve bonds of matrimony lawyer so that you can arrive at an agreement much faster.
  • To make the divorce process quicker: You certainly do not want your dissolve bonds of matrimony taking a long time to be finalized. With the help of an experienced dissolve bonds of matrimony lawyer; the divorce process can be much faster and smoother.
  • Fair share of property: A big part of a dissolve bonds of matrimony is dividing the marital property and assets. Having an attorney will ensure that you get what is rightfully yours.
  • Help you with child custody: An experienced dissolve bonds of matrimony lawyer in Virginia will help you fight and obtain child custody.
  • Will let you know what you are entitled to: A lawyer familiar with the dissolve bonds of matrimony laws in Virginia will inform what you are entitled to and make sure you get it at all costs.
  • Will take care of the complete documentation: To file for a dissolve bonds of matrimony in Virginia you must complete and submit the correct set of documents to the court and your spouse. A dissolve bonds of matrimony lawyer will help you in filling out the forms and keeping track of them.
  • Protect your rights: A dissolve bonds of matrimony lawyer will ensure that you know your rights and guarantee that it is protected.

A dissolution of marriage lawyer in Virginia will also ensure you get any alimony you are entitled to. When the marriage lasted for over 20 years, the lesser earning spouse is usually entitled to permanent alimony until he or she dies or remarries. Also, the amount paid may be decided and agreed on by both spouses when they are completing their separation agreement.

When filing for a dissolution of marriage, you will have to decide on what grounds you will seek a dissolution of marriage. A dissolution of marriage lawyer in Virginia will advise you on this. Both the spouses can also agree on a separation agreement wherein it will state that both spouses must live for at least 12 months apart without any interruption if they have minor children under the age of 18. If there are no minor children, the separation time is 6 months. After this time period is over, you can file for an absolute dissolution of marriage in VA. You also have the option to file for dissolution of marriage on fault grounds which include adultery, including homosexual acts for which evidence must be clear and convincing, or cruelty which requires physical or extreme emotional harm to the complaining party and/or a child, or abandonment in which one party leaves the marital residence without the other spouse’s consent.

Seeking dissolution of marriage on a fault ground is much more complicated than on a no-fault ground and time-consuming as well. But, most attorneys would prefer a fault dissolution of marriage as it will have a favorable effect on the division of marital property and alimony.

Mr. Sris is a very experienced divorce lawyer in Virginia. His office is in Fairfax and is about a mile from the Fairfax County Courthouse. C

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