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Obtaining a divorce can be one of the most difficult decisions one can take. Divorce decisions can be extremely painful as it means you are expressly stating that the decision you once took is now wrong. During these confusing stages of life, one should always remember that merely because you once married a person with whom you do not share any compatibility; does not mean you should suffer in the wrong relationship. Times are changing, ending marriages has become easy. Society no longer has prejudiced opinions on divorced persons. If you feel burdened in your marital relationship, you should start thinking of divorce.

Before deciding to terminate your marriage, you should consult a skilled lawyer in Silver Spring to understand the requirements of obtaining a divorce in MD. The lawyer you consult will analyze your divorce case in Silver Spring to conclude whether your case fulfills the requirements established under Maryland law. The primary element, a reputed lawyer in Silver Spring looks for is whether there are sufficient grounds to file for a Maryland divorce. For the divorce lawyer in Silver Spring to arrive at a thorough understanding of your case, you should provide complete disclosure of the facts of the divorce case.

How Social Media Is Contributing To The Increase In Marriage Termination?

These days more often social media has invaded marital relationships resulting in increased divorce rates in Silver Spring. If you feel your spouse is always busy with his/her life on social media and you feel that there is an online affair, you should immediately contact a skilled divorce lawyer in Silver Spring. The lawyer you contact will clearly explain how to gather relevant evidence against your spouse.

Facebook posts including intimate photographs and proof of secret outings serve as crucial evidence in adultery-based divorce cases in Silver Spring MD. Merely because you have with you evidence incriminating your spouse for adultery you should not make the mistake of proceeding with the divorce case by yourself without professional assistance.

Only an experienced MD lawyer in Silver Spring is aware of the techniques of presenting social media evidence in adultery-based divorce cases. Social media evidence should be discreetly gathered, say Silver Spring lawyers. Your spouse should not have the slightest suspicion about you collecting evidence against him/her.

If your spouse suspects that you are collecting evidence against him/her, he/she is sure to become cautious and will surely delete all the incriminating evidence, leaving you with nothing but mere allegations. You should speak to an adept MD lawyer in Silver Spring to understand the standard of proof the court expects in adultery-based divorce cases. The MD law is clear in this aspect.

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If one spouse is alleging that the other spouse has an affair, the alleging spouse should present clear evidence supporting such an allegation. The MD divorce lawyer in Silver Spring will inform you that mere doubt or suspicion cannot result in a divorce. Only convincing evidence such as intimate photos, videos, Instagram photos, text messages can ensure a favorable order. Take the assistance of the skilled MD lawyers in Silver Spring to gather all the relevant evidence and present them in court.

Social Media Restrictions In Prenuptial Agreements

You may find it difficult to believe but the MD divorce lawyer in Silver Spring will tell you how modern drafting has led to the inclusion of social media usage clauses in marital agreements. The recent technological developments and the increasing craze for social media usage have led to a situation where the social media restrictions clause has found its way into the MD premarital agreement.

MD Couples are also starting to understand the impact of social media use on relationships, say Silver Spring lawyers. Some of them work to limit time spent on Facebook and are more open in their online activities, to avoid long-term effects on their marital relationship. Social media has become such a crucial part of a divorce that some provisions of the MD pre-nuptial agreement include certain restrictions on social media usage. If you are considering framing a premarital agreement in MD, you should give serious thoughts to including social media usage restrictions, consider talking to an experienced Silver Spring lawyer who can help with drafting the agreement and negotiating terms. Our competent Silver Spring MD lawyer will help you determine which terms are essential and which should be removed. Essentially, these clauses protect individual wishes regarding how the other spouse can portray him/her on social media platforms during the relationship or in the event of a divorce.

If your spouse proposes a premarital agreement with social media restriction clauses, you should consult a reputed lawyer to understand the consequences. You absolutely should not sign a prenuptial agreement before reviewing it with a knowledgeable family lawyer in Silver Spring.

What Is Considered As Cruelty?

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you have a valid ground for divorce in Silver Spring. Cruelty in MD divorce cases can be both physical and mental cruelty. Physical cruelty includes violence of any kind from simple assault against the spouse to violence causing severe injury. In divorce cases involving physical violence, the Silver Spring MD lawyers ascertain whether there is a need for obtaining protective orders. If your lawyers in Silver Spring MD opine that your safety or the safety of your children is at stake, a protective order will be obtained. The procedure to obtain the protective order will be elucidated to you by the lawyer you retain in Silver Spring. Protective orders in cruelty-based divorce cases serve as crucial evidence. However, merely obtaining a protective order cannot assure you of a favorable divorce order in Silver Spring. There are several strategies that one has to adopt even before obtaining a protective order, say experienced lawyers. The need to be cautious before applying for the protective order necessitates that you seek professional guidance from a skilled lawyer in Silver Spring MD. If you are a victim of violence or threat of violence by your spouse, you should immediately contact an experienced MD lawyer in Silver Spring. The divorce lawyer you retain will advise you about the importance of gathering enough evidence about the violent behavior of your spouse before applying for the protective order. After gathering relevant evidence of photos, text messages, or videos, if you seek a protective order, the chances of being granted the order are higher. Additionally, the evidence you have painstakingly collected can be used by your divorce lawyer in Silver Spring MD for establishing cruelty in your divorce case.

Can One Prove Mental Cruelty?

To understand the exact interpretation the MD courts have given to the term mental cruelty, one should speak with an experienced divorce lawyer in Silver Spring MD. The divorce lawyer in Silver Spring will explain how critical it is to prove mental abuse in the MD courts. If you are a victim of your spouse’s consistently dominating behavior, degrading attitude, and activities aimed at isolating you from your friends or family, then you should unhesitatingly contact the professional lawyer at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. Our lawyer has offered professional guidance to several clients in Silver Spring to free them from a traumatic marital life overwhelming with mental abuse. Similarly, our Silver Spring lawyer will provide you with expert assistance on how to file your divorce complaint in MD. Spouses suffering from mental cruelty should not proceed to file for divorce by themselves as the filing procedure in Silver Spring MD is at times too complicated. When your mind is already filled with turmoil associated with the marriage termination, proceeding with the filing by yourself is bound to bring negative consequences. The skilled MD lawyer in Silver Spring will analyze your case to frame a winning divorce complaint. At times your grounds for mental cruelty standing alone cannot bring you a favorable divorce order. In such cases, the divorce lawyer in Silver Spring is aware of the most suitable approach to your case.

What Are The Other Grounds?

You must be wondering if cruelty is the only ground to obtain a divorce in Silver Spring. Divorce in MD can be obtained on different grounds such as desertion, insanity, adultery, criminal conviction, intentional separation. Your MD divorce lawyer in Silver Spring will update you about what proof should be submitted if you wish to proceed with a divorce based on desertion.

You should prove with aggressive representation from your Silver Spring lawyer that the spouse deserted you and that you did not cause the separation. In MD cases where desertion is alleged the opposing counsel comes forward with the counterclaim of constructive desertion, that you caused the desertion.

If you are unable to provide proof that your spouse deserted you, the skilled MD divorce lawyer in Silver Spring will check if the constructive desertion ground applies to your case. If the MD divorce lawyer you consult for your case in Silver Spring opines that there has been some fault on the other spouse, the fault will be presented as a ground that has caused you to desert the marriage. If you are caught in a troubled marriage in MD and wish to terminate the relationship, never walk out of the marital home without taking professional consultation from the MD divorce lawyer in Silver Spring. On speaking to the skilled MD lawyer in Silver Spring, you will be provided valuable insights on how to gather proof that the other spouse is at fault and caused you to leave the home.

After collecting such evidence, you may leave the marital home and file for divorce based on constructive desertion. You should bear in mind that the remarkable role of a skilled family law lawyer in Silver Spring MD does not end with professional consultation. You will require such adept guidance from reputed MD lawyers in Silver Spring during the filing process. The filing work is a complicated task and requires you to focus on the work at hand. Considering the emotionally disturbing circumstances you are in, you should take the services of a reliable MD lawyer in Silver Spring.

The lawyer whose services you are taking should be a true professional and should know the nuances associated with filing a perfect divorce complaint in Silver Spring MD. Further, it would be highly advantageous if the lawyer is familiar with the Silver Spring MD court processes. This familiarity will ensure a beneficial outcome in your MD divorce case.

In addition to desertion and constructive desertion, divorce in MD can be obtained on the ground of insanity and criminal conviction, say MD lawyers. On being informed of this ground, clients often ask the divorce lawyer in Silver Spring MD about the proof required to establish this ground. The Maryland law clearly states that only if the insane state of mind is permanent and cannot be cured your lawyer can file for divorce based on insanity. Further, your Silver Spring MD lawyer will advise that the law requires the allegedly insane spouse to be in a registered mental institution for three years before applying on this ground. In such cases the doctor’s testimony plays a crucial role, say Silver Spring MD lawyers.

Clients whose spouses have been convicted for a crime often approach the lawyer in Silver Spring MD for filing a divorce complaint. To such clients, the Silver Spring MD lawyers update that the law requires them to wait for the completion of 12 months of imprisonment before filing for divorce against the imprisoned spouse.

Adultery is another common ground in MD that is filed by Silver Spring lawyers. The law in Maryland clearly states that for adultery too mere suspicion is not sufficient. As stated earlier about alleged affairs on social media, mere allegations cannot grant you a favorable order. The court requires proof of intimacy and an actual sexual relationship should exist between the spouse and the third person. Mere gestures of being extremely friendly or frequent meetings cannot make a person guilty of adultery in MD, says the adept Silver Spring lawyer.

The MD divorce lawyer in Silver Spring will emphasize that separation-based divorce is a divorce based on consent. To clients who approach separation-based divorce, the adept MD divorce lawyer in Silver Spring guides on the period required for the parties to remain separate. Also, assistance is provided on how to establish that the parties remained separate during the said time in MD.

Spousal Payments

Spousal support payments in Silver Spring are essential to make certain that both spouses may live at a suitable standard of life. If you need guidance on how to seek spousal support in Silver Spring contact an experienced MD family lawyer who can facilitate you to negotiate the terms to hold up your interests.

The MD divorce court evaluates many factors when deciding who will pay and how much will be rewarded. The MD court analyzes to determine whether the applicable support is temporary, rehabilitative support, or long-term support. Once you have an accomplished Silver Spring lawyer on your side, you can aggressively pursue a substantial amount as spousal support.

Child Support

Child support in MD is a payment made by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent to lend a hand to counteract expenses of raising a child in Silver Spring. This comprises medical expenses, food costs, clothing, and shelter. As plain as this may appear, many parents make the process more complicated by refusing to pay or by merely prolonging. Child custody measures are proposed to take into account several factors and are evaluated using a specific MD guideline. Whether you are seeking child support in MD or requesting a reduction in child support payment based on changed circumstances, our Silver Spring lawyer is there to support you and ensure that you are granted a fair order.

Child Custody And Visitation

If you are dealing with initial custody and visitation then you should mandatorily take the assistance of an experienced Silver Spring MD lawyer who can direct you through the process and elucidate how all of the factors and MD case law may relate to your particular specifics and circumstances. Custody and visitation in Silver Spring refer to determinations of which parent the children can live with and the arrangement for the children’s visitation with the non-custodial parent. The principal consideration in all custody and visitation decision-making in MD is the best interest of the children.

Child custody and visitation represent some of the hardest and emotionally challenging experiences a family in MD may ever face. These divorce cases are extremely emotional and sensitive, thus requiring special skills to handle these cases. Having an experienced Silver Spring MD lawyer at your side plays a major role in drafting the needed measures for you and your children. At The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. our divorce lawyers have provided professional guidance to families with children filing for divorce in Maryland. The brilliant guidance of our reputed divorce lawyer has resulted in beneficial orders for our clients. Contact our Divorce Lawyer in Silver Spring immediately for quick divorce solutions.

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