Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney in MD Montgomery?

When it comes to filing claims and lawsuits, personal injury claims are not the simplest of claims to deal with. If an individual is involved in an accident and believes they are entitled to compensation, they may file a personal injury claim. However, dealing with a personal injury claim alone is difficult and not in the individual’s best interest. In order to ensure that an individual receives exactly what they are entitled to, he/she should hire an attorney as soon as they decide to file a personal injury claim.

There are many different types of personal injury and many different laws that accompany them. If a person decided to file their claim without legal representation, they may find all of these types and laws overwhelming and confusing. An experienced attorney will be familiar with all types and law on personal injuries and will be aware of which ones apply to your case.

When filing a personal injury claim in Maryland, the first thing an attorney will check is to make sure your claim is being filed within its statute of limitations. The statute of limitations on a personal injury is the time limit a person has to file the claim. In the state of Maryland, the statute of limitations on a personal injury claim is within three years from the date the incident occurred. If the claim is being filed against the state government, the statute of limitations is with one year from the date of the incident.

After a claim is made in Maryland, there may be negotiations between the defendant and the plaintiff. These negotiations are an attempt to settle the case and avoid going through a trial. During a settlement meeting, the defendant party will make an offer to the plaintiff. If an individual enters settlement negotiations without an attorney, they may not realise if the offer made to them is less than they are entitled to and there will be no warnings on any of the agreements he /she will make with the opposing party. However, when a plaintiff hires an attorney, the attorney will discuss the amount of compensation their client should receive and advise a client on whether or not to accept to the defendant’s offer and settle or refuse the offer and go to trial.

In Maryland, during a trial, the accusing party is required to prove to the court that the defendant is solely responsible for the accident on the grounds of negligence. This may be difficult without legal representation. An experienced lawyer will be aware of the methods used to prove negligence and will apply them when necessary in the case.

Also, in Maryland, an attorney will be aware of the concept of ‘contributory negligence’ which states that if the plaintiff can also be held in any way responsible for causing the accident, they lose their right to compensation. An attorney will explain this concept to their client and will argue its application in court whereas a plaintiff with no legal representation may not fully understand this concept and may risk losing their entire case because of it.

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