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A DUI charge in Alexandria would mean that you are required to appear before the City Court on King Street or go before the Federal Court.

No matter where you are required to appear, you should take every precaution that this DUI charge in Virginia does not negatively affect your life.

If a defendant is found guilty of a DUI in Virginia, the conviction is sure to have devastating consequences on the life of the defendant.

Obtaining the help of an experienced Virginia DUI lawyer in Alexandria may help you because the DUI lawyer in Alexandria would conduct an in-depth study of the case and try to create a winning defense plan for his client.

An Alexandria DUI lawyer in Virginia who has a thorough knowledge of the law will make a careful analysis of the client’s case and explains the different aspects of the case to the client.

One of the popular defense strategies is the absence of a valid reason for pulling over the client in Alexandria.

From there, the Alexandria DUI lawyer in Virginia would argue that where there was no valid reason for pulling over the client, the subsequent arrest becomes invalid. Based on this ground, the Alexandria criminal lawyer in Virginia would request the prosecution to drop the charges.

Another popular argument in Virginia DUI cases is based on a violation of defendant’s due process rights during the arrest thus resulting in the dismissal of the Alexandria DUI charge in Virginia.

Another defense that may be raised is that the road conditions in Alexandria, Virginia were to blame for the client’s driving behaviour if the charge arose during winter. In the alternative, the Alexandria criminal lawyer in Virginia would try to convince the court that the results of the sobriety tests taken on the Defendant are incorrect due to the conditions of the road where the FSTs took place.

Another argument that may be raised by the Alexandria criminal lawyer in Virginia is that the breathalyzer tests should not be admitted as evidence as the defendant had burped during the test or that the Defendant is suffering from a medical ailment like diabetes that has influenced the breathalyzer test.

Another ground of defense that may be raised by the DUI lawyer in Alexandria, VA is the failure of the breath test operator in following the correct procedure while conducting the test.

The lawyer with the right experience may be able to help you in obtain an acquittal in Alexandria, Virginia.

Mr. Sris has defended numerous DUI cases before the Alexandria Federal Court and the City Court.

Call today for help. You don’t need to fight your Virginia DUI charge alone. C

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