Fairfax County Criminal Lawyer Defense Attorney

Are facing a criminal charge in Fairfax County? Then you will want a local lawyer who appears before the Fairfax courts on a regular basis.

Fairfax County has a large number of criminal attorneys; therefore, if you are looking to hire a criminal lawyer, may struggle on deciding where to start looking and how to choose.

However, there are some factors that may help you when searching for a legal representative to handle your criminal case.

To begin with, you have several platforms to find a Fairfax.

To hire a county criminal lawyer, personal referrals are always considered helpful as it will give a clear picture of what the lawyer is capable of. Calling local law firms over the phone and discussing your situation will also help greatly in choosing the attorney. However, the most popular and commonly used platform today happens to be the internet. Going online, you can search through the criminal lawyer practicing in Fairfax and create your own list of probable.

When choosing a criminal lawyer in Fairfax County, it is important that you consider the attorney’s experience. Choosing an attorney familiar with criminal offenses is good for you as the lawyer will be aware of all the laws and possible actions that will work out favourably for your case.

You need to also consider the attorney’s reputation as well. The legal advisor known for their decent work and good track record is the right choice.

The costs involved in engaging an legal advisor is another major factor. But then, it all depends on the type of case. For example, a traffic ticket may only cost a few hundred dollars while a homicide case will cost much more. The cost generally depends on the time and effort the attorney needs to put into the case.

Once you have made a list of probable attorneys, fix up a meeting with each one of them and find out if they are well acquainted with your type of case. During the initial consultations you can explain your case and have your doubts cleared.

Some of the questions you can ask the attorney are:

  1. The seriousness of the charges
  2. Imprisonment on conviction
  3. Chances of pleading innocence
  4. Grounds of defenses
  5. Chances of the case being dismissed

Make note that it is important that you feel assured that the lawyer hired is appropriate to handle your case. Also you need to be comfortable working with the lawyer.

Mr. Sris is an experienced Fairfax County Criminal Attorney. He is a former prosecutor. His office is approximately a mile from the courthouse. C

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