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A DUI conviction may have long-lasting implications for your life. Your job, driving license and your liberty are at stake.

In fact, one of the most common criminal arrests encountered in the United States, in recent times are due to DUI. When charged with a Fairfax County DUI, it is important to seek both professional legal consultation as well as skilled representation.

Before engaging a qualified Fairfax County DUI lawyer, you need to know what kind of action you plan on taking. Are you planning to contest the charge? Then you must search for an experienced Fairfax DUI attorney that has dealt with similar cases. For a plea bargain, you need a lawyer who is skilled at negotiating plea deals. So make your list of potential counsel based on these facts.

There is the possibility that a number of lawyers may try to get in touch with you and it is a process known as solicitation. Though these lawyers may be experienced and qualified, they frequently use the ‘high volume, quick turnover’ method which may not help much in preparing your defense strategy. So, it is best not to be tricked by their outreach and research their backgrounds well.

Make sure the Fairfax DUI lawyer in VA that you hire has experience dealing with the Fairfax County Courts and prosecutors.

Get in touch with a Fairfax County DUI lawyer and set an appointment to discuss the details of your case. Also, inquire about the Fairfax County DUI lawyer’s fee structure and the retainer fee they may charge throughout the case.

Mr. Sris is an experienced Fairfax County DUI lawyer. He has over 20 years of experience. He is a former prosecutor. His office is approximately a mile from the Fairfax County Courthouse.

Now That You Have Found Your Fairfax DUI Lawyer, What’s Next?

A person charged with driving under the influence in Fairfax County must understand that he or she is going to be prosecuted. If not prepared to defend the case properly, the defendant may have to spend time in jail, lose a license, etc.

The laws in Fairfax County are very strict when it comes to road safety. Driving under the influence of alcohol is considered a criminal offense and when found guilty you may end up in jail. When found guilty of a first offense DUI charge, it will be considered a Class 1 misdemeanor and you may be sentenced with up to one year in jail with a fine and the suspension of your driver’s license.

Your lawyer will analyze all aspects of the case. You will be interviewed thoroughly about the circumstances that led to the arrest and the attorney will study the evidence that will be used by the prosecutor. Depending on the circumstances of the case, the lawyer will develop the necessary defense strategies.

The circumstances of the arrest may also be used to dismiss the case entirely. The police officer must have a legitimate reason to stop the driver. If there is no legitimate reason, it is a valid ground to get a dismissal order from the court. If the stop is found to be unlawful, the court may dismiss the case and drop any charges against the defendant.

As a defendant, you must know your rights and should be aware of the rights at the time of the arrest. Violation of the defendant’s rights may be used by your Fairfax County DUI lawyer in court to have your case dismissed.

Another defense tactic used by your lawyers is to try and prove the inaccuracy of the DUI test. When an individual is pulled over by an officer and is believed to be inebriated, the officer may ask that the driver take a field sobriety test. This test helps a police officer determine the driver’s physical and mental condition at the time of the arrest. Some sobriety tests can be affected by external factors such as the weather and the conditions prevailing on the road. The DUI lawyer may argue that the field sobriety test did not accurately represent their client’s state; therefore, cannot be used as evidence by the prosecution.

Another test taken to determine the level of alcohol in the driver’s bloodstream is the Breathalyzer test. This test is taken by a police officer using a specific device. Breathalyzer tests can be affected by a number of external factors and so the test may not be accurate.

Your DUI lawyer may request that a Breathalyzer test be disregarded by the court which means that it cannot be used as evidence. The lawyer may argue this on the grounds that the device used to take the test was not functional or the defendant had certain medical conditions that affected the results or that the test was not carried out according to legal procedure.