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If it is a DUI charge in Fairfax, Virginia – Remember your future is at stake!

You may not clearly understand the consequences of being charged with DWI/DUI in Fairfax, Virginia. Be cautious!! Your future is at stake. Any DWI/DUI lawyer in Fairfax, Virginia will not serve your purpose. You should hire the best DUI lawyer in Fairfax, Virginia in the field of DUI/DWI, as just one DUI charge can alter your life permanently. Hire a Fairfax, Virginia DUI lawyer who focuses on you and your future. The outcome reached should be nothing less than exceptional and the Fairfax DUI lawyers at the Virginia Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. will do just that. You can judge the quality of a Virginia DUI lawyer’s representation with the politeness during the initial consultation and the aggressiveness involved in defense at trial in Fairfax, Virginia. The team at the Virginia Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. do just that and you will be glad you sought their services in your DWI/DUI defense in Fairfax, Virginia.

If you have been charged with a DWI/DUI in Fairfax, Virginia the consequences involved can make you vulnerable

DWI/DUI charges in Fairfax, Virginia frighten the accused terribly as they begin imagining the collateral consequences accompanying DWI/DUI fines and imprisonment. When charges are imposed and proven guilty in the Fairfax courts of Virginia, the license of the driver is suspended, and imprisonment and fines are imposed. Drivers, who have been independently operating their vehicles, now feel crippled due to the need to request help from someone else for their daily errands. Even attending one’s employment becomes a difficult task in Fairfax, Virginia. The crippling effect a Virginia DUI/DWI has on one’s personal and professional life makes it crucial to obtain a dismissal of the charge in Fairfax.

To avoid all these consequences, a truly experienced Fairfax DUI lawyer in Virginia who does not merely make claims of obtaining dismissal but works towards it should be consulted.

The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. in Virginia is worth consulting in Fairfax, Virginia as they do not merely make claims about DWI/DUI dismissals but do their best to obtain them in court.

How to choose your DWI/DUI lawyer in Fairfax, Virginia

If you are slapped with DWI/DUI charges in Fairfax, Virginia you are caught in a dilemma as to whether you can face it alone or should seek a lawyer’s help be sought. You should understand that the stress due to a DWI/DUI charge in Fairfax, Virginia cannot be faced alone.

A DWI/DUI lawyer, qualified with relevant experience in Fairfax, Virginia can make the court proceedings easy and stress-free.

Consulting a DWI/DUI Fairfax lawyer in Virginia, who has helped other clients in similar situations, will strengthen the hope of acquittal.

On being charged with a DWI/DUI in Fairfax, Virginia, an accused desperately looks out for right lawyer in Fairfax, Virginia.

Are there specific criteria that a client charged with a DWI/DUI in Fairfax, Virginia should check to finalize which DWI/DUI lawyer in Fairfax, Virginia who should represent him?

Before choosing a DWI/DUI lawyer for representation in Fairfax, Virginia you should first convince yourself that you deserve the best Fairfax DUI/DWI lawyer in Virginia with the best persuasion skills and more importantly that you deserve to get the best shot possible at having your DWI/DUI charge in Virginia dismissed.

Dismissal is a priority. Hiring the best DWI lawyer in Fairfax, Virginia for your DUI/DWI charge is the only choice you have. In testing times like this, the able guidance of an expert DWI lawyer in Virginia can help you remain calm and composed. The Virginia DWI lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. provide you the best solutions for your DWI/DUI charge in Fairfax, Virginia and are equipped with years of experience in defending DWI/DUI cases in Virginia, which is an added advantage. Our DWI lawyers in Virginia are also familiar with the rules and procedures associated with the Fairfax Court, thus making them all the more reliable for your DWI/DUI charge in Fairfax, Virginia.

Should a DWI attorney's fees decide your choice of a DUI lawyer in Virginia?

Fees charged by the DWI attorney in Virginia should not be the sole deciding factor in choosing your DWI/DUI lawyer in Virginia. Selecting a DWI lawyer in Virginia based on low costs in Fairfax, Virginia can be self-destructive as you may end up being imposed with additional fines and imprisonment. Choosing a DWI lawyer in Virginia for your DUI case is like entrusting your life in the lawyer’s hands. A DWI/DUI in Fairfax, Virginia affects not only the life of a person but also his social status.

A conviction for a DWI in Virginia brings with it a social embarrassment as well as the humiliation of jail sentence. You cannot risk your life and your future by hiring a DWI lawyer in Virginia merely because their fees are low-priced.

DWI lawyers in Virginia these days provide the clients the opportunity of a free initial consultation. This initial discussion with the DWI/DUI lawyer in Fairfax, Virginia will give you the chance to conclude the potential of the DWI lawyer in Virginia and know whether he will fight your DWI case in Virginia vigorously. When you find such a DWI lawyer in Virginia, reconsidering your choice merely due to the fees involved will prove detrimental to your interests.

Retain a DWI lawyer in Virginia who takes a personal interest in your case as he/she will be the right person to defend your DWI/DUI case in Fairfax, Virginia. We, at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. in Virginia handle each DWI case with special interest. Every case is a priority for us. Our DWI/DUI lawyers in Virginia empathize with the fear about your future and will provide you with not only legal advice but also with counselling as to how to face the court proceedings.

Your relationship with the DWI/DUI lawyer of your choice in Fairfax, Virginia determines the outcome of your DWI/DUI charge:

  • Your relationship with your chosen DWI lawyer in Fairfax, Virginia should be simple and not complicated.
  • Being frank with your DWI/DUI lawyer is important for your DUI case in Fairfax, Virginia.
  • Complete disclosure to the DWI/DUI Fairfax lawyer in Virginia of all the events that occurred before and after the DWI/DUI incident is crucial in building a strong defense for your DWI/DUI charge in the Fairfax Court, Virginia.
  • If you have to make a complete disclosure, it is important to choose a Virginia DWI lawyer you trust.
  • Having a trustworthy Virginia DWI lawyer by your side makes all the difference.
  • Hiring the services of a Fairfax DWI/DUI lawyer is pivotal as the evidence in your favor should be accumulated at the earliest.
  • An efficient DWI lawyer will persuasively speak to the witnesses who were present at the time of the incident to obtain favorable testimony about your DWI/DUI incident.

The prosecution is generally intent on proving that you are guilty of DWI/DUI, and only a Fairfax DWI defense lawyer who devotes his time and attention to your case can do his best to try and guarantee an acquittal. Obtaining the assistance of truly professional DWI lawyers like the ones from The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. can be crucial to your DWI/DUI case in Fairfax.

First DWI/DUI offense in Fairfax, Virginia – What to expect?

If you are stopped by the cops for DWI/DUI for the first time in Fairfax, the first question that comes to mind is, “Am I going to be jailed?”

Lay your fears aside, as not all driving under influence charges will result in jail. Stay calm and consult a DWI/DUI Fairfax lawyer who would provide you genuine information about the status of your charge. The DWI lawyers from The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. will provide you genuine opinions on how to proceed with your case. Though driving under influence is punished as a Class 1 misdemeanor, it has a permanent effect on your driving record. An experienced DWI lawyer will inform you that the fine can go up to $250 and/or a jail sentence of up to twelve months. A DWI/DUI first offense, if proven, brings with it license suspension for twelve months. The courts will also order an ignition interlock system for six months.

For driving under influence first offense, the factor that decides the seriousness of the offense is the level of blood alcohol. The higher the level of blood alcohol, the more serious is the offense under Virginia Law.

What acts are punishable under the Driving under the Influence statute Va. Code §18.2-266 – Explanation from skilled DWI/DUI lawyers

The DUI statute in Virginia indicates that a person shall be punishable for driving in an intoxicated condition and such intoxication may be due to drugs or alcohol. The law prescribes specific limits in the blood alcohol level for drugs as well as alcohol. Proper guidance from experienced Fairfax lawyers is essential.

The following acts are punishable under the DUI statute in Virginia:

  • If one drives with a blood alcohol level which is more than 0.8 percent.
  • If one drives a motor vehicle in an intoxicated condition.
  • If one drives a motor vehicle when he is intoxicated by drugs.
  • If one drives a motor vehicle when he is intoxicated by a combination of both drug and alcohol.
  • If one drives a motor vehicle after consuming drugs beyond the mentioned limit in the statute. If certain amounts of specific drugs are found in the offender’s blood, the court can infer that the driver was under the influence of those drugs at the time of the offense.

Field sobriety tests – Should you take them or not – Advise from the lawyers

More often, during traffic stops in Fairfax, the driver is asked to perform the field sobriety test to check if the driver is sober. If you have been subjected to such scrutiny during your traffic stop in Fairfax and are wondering about the origin of these tests, then you should know that such assessment has been devised by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to standardize them.

Three main types of field sobriety tests are permitted and standardized by the NHTSA. They are:

  • HGN test – horizontal gaze nystagmus,
  • OLS test – One-leg stand test, and
  • WAT test – Walk-and-turn test.

What is the HGN test?

On hearing the term HGN test, you may be curious to know what it is. The full form of the HGN test is the horizontal gaze nystagmus test. This term may sound technical and complicated but it is nothing but a means of assessment by which the officer during a traffic stop in Fairfax confirms your capacity to coordinate the movement of eyes towards a specific stimulus. The officer would testify during the DUI trial that you failed the test if your eyes failed to smoothly track the stimulus or that there was no coordination in tracking the stimulus in both the eyes.

What is the OLS test?

The OLS test is nothing but the one-leg stand test. If the officer, during a DUI traffic stop in Fairfax, subjects you to the OLS test, you will be required to stand straight and simultaneously lift one leg, holding it six inches above the ground. Further, you are required to stably maintain your arms at your sides and keep your toes pointed. You will be required to count up to 30 while at the same time maintaining your balance. At this time, the Fairfax cop is carefully observing you by ascertaining any signs of intoxication such as loss of stability, and will testify about the same in court during the DUI trial in Fairfax.

What is the WAT test?

If you are asked to do the walk and turn test, you are expected to take nine steps heel to toe in a straight line. Then the Fairfax cop will ask you to turn and walk in the same manner in the opposite direction. From the time the evaluation starts, the officer keeps observing you keenly for any deviation which will be a sign of intoxication. Even if you begin walking before instructions from the officer or even if you slightly stumble during the walk, the officer will conclude that you have failed the assessment.

The officer, who stops you, may ask you to perform any or all of the above-mentioned tests. The purpose of such command by the Fairfax cop is to ascertain the level of your stability, control, balance, coordination, and capacity to comprehend the directions of the officer. On facing a traffic stop in Fairfax, the uniform of the officer and his commanding tone send a threatening message to any driver. Even if the driver was not intoxicated or was intoxicated to a lawfully permissible extent, the anxiety involved in speaking to a commanding officer will lead to mistakes. These mistakes on the part of the driver will strengthen the officer’s suspicion about the driver’s intoxication.

You should keep in mind that throughout the time the officer is subjecting you to such assessment in Fairfax, he is attempting to build a strong case against you.

However, these field sobriety tests cannot be the sole basis for the cops to charge you with driving under influence in Fairfax. There should be other factors that support probable cause.

Virginia - Maryland DUI Laws
Also, a Fairfax defense lawyer who has experience in dealing with DUI cases will easily break any case solely based on the field sobriety tests. Practically speaking, if an accused has not properly performed the field sobriety assessment, intoxication cannot be the sole reason behind it. A DUI lawyer in Fairfax will argue that there could easily be other health-related reasons such as tiredness in the body leading to stumbling, having sleepless nights in the last week leading to less focus on the HGN test, pain in the legs leading to an improper performance in the one-leg stand test. Age could also be one of the factors that have prevented many from performing well in the field sobriety tests. A DUI defense lawyer can easily overturn the charges framed against you solely based on your performance in the field sobriety tests. But remember, after the field sobriety test, the officer will subject you to a breath test.

Breath test

The officer first attempts to subject you to the preliminary breath test at the scene of the traffic stop. An experienced DUI lawyer will advise you to refuse this. Cops generally have the habit of threatening the accused with arrest on refusal to take the preliminary breath test. In situations like this, the best course of action would be is to stubbornly refuse the test. On arrest, you will be taken to the station and another test will be performed, which you should not refuse. Refusing this, will allow the officers to charge you with another offense, which is a violation of the implied consent law. If you are wondering what the implied consent law is, you should know that, from the day you obtain your driving license, you provide your implied consent for breath tests. Any refusal of the same will result in the violation of the implied consent law and will lead to suspension of your license.

What is the difference between a breath test and a blood test?

DUI offenders in Fairfax are often confused about the difference between a breath test and a blood test. If the officer suspects that you have been intoxicated by drugs and not alcohol, he will be very particular to subject you to a blood test. The reason for such compulsion is that if the intoxication is due to drugs, the same will not be indicated in the breath analysis. If the chemical analysis of the sample indicates the presence of alcohol or drug, then the results of the chemical analysis are the basis for the prosecution in Fairfax.

If you hire the services of a professional DUI lawyer in Fairfax, he/she will know how the results of the chemical analysis can be made inadmissible as evidence. Lawyers who boldly pursue defense strategies can obtain dismissal of all the evidence mounted by the prosecution leading you to acquittal. True professionals like those at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. daringly proceed with such bold defense strategies and win in favor of their clients in Fairfax.

Help is just a phone call away!

All you need to do is pick your phone and give us a call right away. Our lawyers in Fairfax will assist you with your DUI defense in the Fairfax Court. You no longer need to worry about the DUI charge. Speak to our Virginia DUI lawyers and ease yourself off the burden of your DWI charge in Fairfax, VA. C

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