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If you’re facing petit larceny or grand larceny charges in Fairfax, Virginia, please contact our Fairfax larceny lawyers in Virginia right away, and we’re going to help you to understand just what we are able to do to help you. Larceny gets elevated to grand larceny as defined by Virginia, when the property exceeds a particular value. One of the kinds of larceny in Virginia is shoplifting, though there are other sorts of offense that may be brought sometimes and different methods by which someone may be charged. Shoplifting is an aggressively prosecuted offense in Fairfax County, Virginia. It is a misdemeanor, but can cause you to spend some time in jail and pay fines that are massive. Most frequently, larceny is one of the easiest crimes to prove in Virginia. Another term for larceny in Virginia is theft.

A Fairfax larceny lawyer could be in a position to help you avoid a felony conviction for grand larceny in Virginia by plea bargaining your case with a prosecutor. For example, your Fairfax shoplifting lawyer may find a way decrease the felony charge to a misdemeanor to lower the seriousness of the prison term or the penalties after examining the value of said items. Based on the circumstances of the case and your record, the Fairfax shoplifting lawyer may be able to negotiate a deferral agreement that leads to the dismissal of the case. It is a good idea to speak with a Fairfax larceny attorney to represent you in the court once charged with such crimes. You are likely to require a Fairfax larceny attorney with extensive knowledge of the Fairfax County Court system and years of practice to get a prosecutor to lower your Fairfax shoplifting charge from a grand larceny to a petit larceny in Virginia. Your Fairfax larceny lawyer might be in a position to demonstrate that the taking was done without the intention to deprive the owner permanently thereof or there’s an absence of evidence to prove the value.

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Whether it’s to fight the charges in Virginia, or simply protect your future and minimize the damage, call a Fairfax theft attorney, if you need to discover more about how to handle your shoplifting charges. A Virginia shoplifting charge needs to be taken seriously, even supposing it is just a crime. If Virginia shoplifting charges are filed against you and you have got the receipt for those things, it’s reasonable to claim there is no foundation for the shoplifting charges.

You might wonder whether you are entitled to a first-offender program or another type of diversion, if you face criminal charges. Being charged with a criminal violation is a horrible experience, and it may affect your life in ways you might not expect.

If you get your Fairfax shoplifting charge dismissed, you may qualify for an expungement. People must be aware of that and understand that simply because they’re charged in court with shoplifting it doesn’t mean it isn’t severe. The court also has the capability to consider other mitigating aspects. A Fairfax shoplifting lawyer who frequents the Fairfax criminal courts may be of great benefit to the client.

A Virginia petit larceny shoplifting charge, if convicted can result in a person being sentenced to 12 months in jail since it is a class 1 misdemeanor in Virginia. It is extremely important to bear in mind that the Virginia conviction lasts forever on your criminal record. A Virginia misdemeanor conviction may lead to not only fines, but may result in actual jail time in addition to causing severe hardship in terms of obtaining employment or losing a specialist licensure. Unfortunately, a criminal record that may influence a person can be caused by conviction of even a misdemeanor offense. A conviction might cause a record that will follow you for the remainder of your life and the possibility of a fine or prison sentence or jail. Somebody that has a prior conviction for shoplifting in VA wouldn’t be qualified for a diversion program.

At the Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C. you won’t find larceny attorneys who will tell you whatever you need to hear simply to take your money. You want a Fairfax shoplifting lawyer who is honest and upfront with you about your Fairfax larceny charges.

Nowadays you’ve got to locate a lawyer. The correct attorney can aid in reducing any impacts that came from your specific theft charge. A great shoplifting defense attorney will operate to offer a choice between the possible alternatives that are best to you. To guard your liberty and your future, it’s important to pick the best Virginia shoplifting lawyer you’ll be able to discover.

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