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Divorce Process in Fredericksburg made simple and easy

Worried about your divorce in Fredericksburg, Virginia? We know what you are going through and have represented several persons like you. Divorce can indeed be one of the most difficult times of one’s life. It causes sufficient damage to your personal life as well as professional life. Additionally, the end of marriage brings with it, the baggage of alimony and child support payments. Your search for a Fredericksburg Divorce Attorney in Virginia begins with the frustration of handling emotionally draining divorce related matters all by yourself. Expert guidance from a Virginia Divorce Attorney will ensure that you remain relaxed during the proceedings as well as guarantee a favorable order in the Fredericksburg Court, VA.

Divorce can transform your state of mind and you will find yourself taking decisions that have an everlasting effect. During such times requiring swift decision making a Fredericksburg Attorney’s opinions will help you take the right decisions and will greatly enhance your winning chances. Any Virginia attorney you consult will inform you that the right forum to file your divorce case is the Circuit Court of Fredericksburg, if you are a resident of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Practices and procedures of courts located in different counties in Virginia differ and in some jurisdictions, local procedural rules are in force. This makes choosing an attorney in Virginia who has experience in the local courts a priority. A Fredericksburg divorce attorney in Virginia would have successfully handled several cases in Fredericksburg court, Virginia so they are familiar with the nuances of various aspects of divorce proceedings that actually work in Fredericksburg. Expert consultation from Fredericksburg attorneys in Virginia about divorce related matters such as alimony, child support, custody and visitation rights should be sought before initiating your divorce case.

Hiring attorneys in Virginia with experience in practicing in Fredericksburg courts will be an added advantage to your case as they know the local system very well.

You will be surprised how hiring an attorney can help you during your divorce in Fredericksburg

Finding an attorney in Virginia you trust is the first step to avoid the unnecessary stress, time, and expense that divorce can often bring. The Fredericksburg divorce attorney in Virginia you choose should be worth the attorney fees you pay. You will realize the trustworthiness of a divorce attorney in Virginia through his approach during the trial process.

An experienced Fredericksburg attorney in Virginia:

  • Makes you understand the laws affecting your case, the options available, and the time and money that can be involved in reaching a final resolution.
  • Thoroughly studies your case, provide his opinions as to the best way to proceed
  • Explains to you about settling the case amicably
  • Helps you collect enough evidence to weaken the case of the other side

Choosing an attorney in Fredericksburg, Virginia who is a combination of being trustworthy as well as an expert in the field can be quite challenging. It is only the expert guidance from an attorney in Virginia that will help you minimize your stress, time and expenses involved in divorce proceedings in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The Virginia family law attorneys from The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. who practice in the Fredericksbrg area will explain to you the laws affecting your case and make you understand how much time and money you have to spend before reaching a final resolution of your case.

If you or your spouse are in the military, you will require advise from an Fredericksburg attorney in Virginia who is well versed in handling military divorce cases. During initial consultation, experienced attorneys in Fredericksburg, Virginia will provide you a thorough explanation about all the issues associated with a Fredericksburg Divorce such as marital property accounting, division of property , marital debt repayments, determination of custody, spousal support and the child support.

When can a party proceed with an uncontested divorce in Fredericksburg, Virginia?

In some cases, the parties in Fredericksburg, Virginia simply do not want to continue with the relationship and there is nothing to fight over, in such cases, an attorney will help you with an Virginia uncontested divorce. If there is a scenario in which the other party does not agree to your conditions a Fredericksburg attorney will advise you with the next practical thing to do. Proceeding with a contested divorce in Virginia is the only other option available. When parties are unable to mutually settle their marital problems, contested divorce should be filed and allegations need to be proved in Fredericksburg court.

A Virginia uncontested divorce in the Fredericksburg area is a blessing for parties who do not wish to revisit the pain and suffering of the old times. No fault divorce in Fredericksburg, Virginia provides the parties an opportunity to terminate the marital relationship in a polite manner. An attorney with the right experience will tell you that if one wishes to avoid arguments about incidents from the past, then uncontested divorce is the best solution.

What are the grounds available for divorce in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Divorce cases in Fredericksburg, Virginia involve grounds such as adultery, cruelty, desertion and felony conviction of the other party. A Fredericksburg attorney in Virginia will provide you with sensible advise as to what grounds are suitable to your case.

An attorney experienced in Virginia divorce cases will explain about the following grounds:

Adultery – Only an attorney who has previously won cases involving adulterous conduct by the other party will effectively represent your case in the Fredericksburg court. A Fredericksburg attorney in Virginia will inform you that your complaint cannot be based on adultery if you had continued to live with your spouse after knowing about such conduct by the other party.

Felony conviction – Felony conviction is a ground if your spouse has been convicted for a felony in Fredericksburg, Virginia and has been sentenced to more than one year imprisonment. A complaint based on a felony conviction can be filed in Fredericksburg only if the filing party is not residing with the other party after such conviction.

Fredericksburg attorneys in Virginia will tell you that if a spouse condones the adulterous act or felony conviction of the other spouse, these acts will no longer be a valid ground for divorce.

Cruelty both physical cruelty and mental cruelty are grounds in Fredericksburg. Proper guidance from qualified Fredericksburg attorneys will be required to sufficiently prove mental cruelty.

Desertion and abandonment of one party by the other is also ground for a divorce in Fredericksburg.

The attorneys from The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. in Virginia will provide you with all the information you need to confidently meet your hearing in Fredericksburg whatever may be the ground.

Thinking of adultery as a ground for your Fredericksburg divorce, know all about what the Virginia law states, directly from the skilled Virginia lawyers in the field - Talk to our Virginia attorneys from The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C.

Divorce based on adultery is a popular fault divorce in Fredericksburg, Virginia. If one party is involved in an extra-marital relationship, adultery is the basis for a complaint. Proving that the spouse has continued to have an intimate relationship with another person outside the marriage can be a difficult task. Mere proof of friendliness with the concerned person is not sufficient for divorce in Fredericksburg, Virginia. If you are moving based on adultery then proving physical intimacy with the paramour can only ensure a favorable ruling.

Also, only an expert Fredericksburg attorney in Virginia will caution you about the consequences of continuing to cohabit with the spouse after knowing about adulterous conduct. If the person alleged to have committed adultery proves in court that the complaining party has cohabited after knowing about the adultery, then there will no longer be basis for the marriage termination.

We, the experience Virginia divorce attorneys, at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. will provide you the best advise as to how to proceed with your divorce complaint based on adultery. If you and your spouse are at fault, adultery cannot be a ground for divorce. However, after a year of separation you can file for a no-fault divorce based on separation. If you are someone against whom divorce is filed for adultery, you must be really worried about how the court would hear the case. Adultery has a significant impact on the amount of spousal support.

If one decides to terminate the marital relationship by mutual settlement, if one party has committed adultery, it would be easier for a Fredericksburg attorney in Virginia to negotiate a better settlement in your favor. In most cases, where adultery is involved, parties do not want to embarrass each other in court and do not want to revisit the past, so they opt for settlement.

Cruelty as a ground for a divorce in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Cruelty can be physical or mental cruelty and usually involves violence, or fear of violence. Physical cruelty involves causing physical injury to the other spouse by violent acts. Acts of cruelty are usually cumulative, augmented by each additional act, although proof of a single incident, which is so vile as to shock a court, may also be sufficient to show cruelty. Physical cruelty cases usually include protective orders in Fredericksburg. Where the spouse is unable to bear the torture of the other spouse, the cops are called and an emergency protective order is obtained.

Mental cruelty means causing emotional pain and suffering to the other party. Incidents of mental cruelty include silent torture inflicted on the other and all acts committed to keep the other person in control including financial abuse. Financial abuse is the scariest form of cruelty as the affected spouse remains a silent sufferer for years together. The suffering spouse may also be an employed individual whose finances are being controlled by the dominating spouse. These types of relationships are the most harmful ones.

If you need more information about how to handle your case in Fredericksburg based on cruelty, then meet the Virginia attorneys of The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. for skilled guidance. You deserve the best legal advise and they will provide you nothing less than the best advice they can give you.

Desertion and constructive desertion in Fredericksburg, Virginia

When one spouse intentionally breaks the marriage and leaves the marital home, it is desertion. One cannot be considered to have deserted the marriage simple because he took a trip. Desertion requires intention to leave the marriage permanently.

Proving intent is fundamental in a complaint based on desertion in Fredericksburg.

VA - MD Divorce Lawyer

When one spouse intentionally breaks the marriage and leaves the marital home, it is desertion. One cannot be considered to have deserted the marriage simple because he took a trip. Desertion requires intention to leave the marriage permanently.

Proving intent is fundamental in a complaint based on desertion in Fredericksburg.

Further it is also important to prove that the deserting spouse has no legal ground to desert.

Also, it should be proved that the deserted spouse opposed the deserting spouse’s intentions to move out of the marital home in Fredericksburg.

Desertion cannot be claimed as a ground in your complaint in Fredericksburg, Virginia if you agreed for the spouse to separate. If you feel your spouse is planning to desert you, it is important to record your opposition to this move.

If you are planning to move out of the marital relationship, then approach an experienced Fredericksburg attorney in Virginia and obtain advise about what to do next. The Virginia attorneys at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. have years of experience in handling matters similar to yours and will guide you professionally. Reaching out to an attorney in Fredericksburg, Virginia at the earliest is important to ensure you do not take any decisions that can prove fatal for your case.

Constructive desertion is a ground that can be claimed if your spouse has conducted himself in such a manner as to compel you to leave the marital home. If your spouse has repeatedly committed cruelty against you and you have accumulated sufficient proof regarding the spouse’s conduct, then you can immediately consult at an attorney in Fredericksburg, Virginia to decide how to proceed with your case. Constructive desertion should be handled carefully and it requires the step by step guidance of an expert who knows what works and what backfires in a case like yours. Approaching the right attorney from Fredericksburg can do wonders to your case. The Virginia attorneys at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. have years of experience in creating wonders in cases like yours and consulting them will surely reduce the stress involved in getting separated from the one whom you loved once.

Can marital settlement agreement by attorneys work for your case in Fredericksburg, Virginia?

Signing marital settlements drafted by experienced Virginia attorneys solves most of the issues that takes months for the courts to resolve. However the challenge lies in entering in to an agreement that is most beneficial for you. Be informed that aggressive advocacy in divorce not only means having the willingness and ability to take a case to court, but also recognizing the benefits of settling matters outside of court with a marital separation agreement. Virginia attorneys of The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. practicing in Fredericksburg, Virginia recognize that taking a case to trial as well as amicably settling a case go hand-in-hand. In entering settlement agreements, these attorneys are known to display the same zeal showcased in handling trials.

The Virginia attorneys at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. are committed to helping you understand all the advantages and disadvantages of both litigation and settlement as options to reach a satisfactory conclusion of your divorce.

Child Custody and Visitation in Fredericksburg, Virginia

An attorney practicing family law in Fredericksburg, Virginia will inform you that the most difficult aspect of a divorce is making certain that your children continue to lead happy, safe, and healthy lives despite the difficult change in their parents’ relationship. The Virginia attorney will also tell you that even if both parents mutually agree to make decisions based on the best interests of their children, practically implementing child custody orders create lot of confusion and misunderstanding between the parties. These disputes are best solved with the guidance of experienced Virginia divorce attorneys.

Military Divorce and what military spouses need to know about divorce in Fredericksburg

Answers for the following are sought from attorneys retained by spouses of military members if they decide to proceed with the termination of marriage in Fredericksburg:

  • How is military divorce different from the Virginia divorce
  • Do courts apply any special laws for military divorces
  • Is there any specific manual that will serve as a guide for the military divorce?
  • Where children are involved and the military spouse is currently deployed, how would child custody be determined?
  • What factors would the court consider in deciding division of property?
  • Whether the spouse of the military spouse is eligible for any share in the military pensions?
  • How does the court determine the non-military spouse’s share in the military spouse’s health insurance?
  • How is the Thrift Savings plan handled in a military divorce?
  • What is Survivor Benefit Plan?

Once the process is started, your attorney will make you familiar to all these terms which sound strange to you now.

We, the attorneys, of The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. first advise our clients in Fredericksburg about the residential requirements they need to comply to file for a military divorce in Virginia. Initial consultation with an attorney about the number of months you or your spouse has resided in Virginia will bring a conclusion as to whether you are even entitled to seek a divorce in Virginia. This is one of the many crucial first steps involved in properly handling a divorce in Virginia where one of the parties is in the military.

If you are a civilian from Fredericksburg, Virginia and are wondering what makes a military divorce different from the ordinary divorce. If you retain an attorney for our divorce your attorney will tell you that divorce by itself involves complex issues and military divorce is more complicated. Timely guidance from attorneys can assure you with favorable results in such difficult times of your life.

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