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In a few families, grandparents assume a unique job, which can advance a grandchild’s life. At the point when grandparents have built up a strong bond with their grandchild’s, courts may maintain their meeting rights. Be that as it may, in the state of Virginia, grandparents’ rights are inferior to the parents’ rights. Parents have the privilege to elevate as in raise their own children and choose with whom the children will meet with. A child’s best advantages are the focal point of any court of law. Grandparent meeting cannot happen except if a judge establishes that it would serve a child’s best advantages and certain elements are met.

In the state of Virginia, grandparents have rights to care and meet with their grandchildren in specific situations. Basically, a Virginia family court enables a grandparent to ask for a guardianship request of with a non-custodial parent, if the court discovers that visiting rights are to the greatest advantage of the child. A grandparent may likewise ask for a free request for meeting or visiting his/ her grandchildren.

A grandparent looking for guardianship, custody or visiting rights of a grandchild in the state of Virginia has to consider that the parent of that grandchild has the decision on if the child might visit the grandparent or not but a court of law might interfere with the parents’ decision if the decision is for the child not to meet his/ her grandparent. The court of law will interfere if the grandparent provides a case with convincible evidence which makes the grandparent have a right to visit his/ her grandchild.

In the state of Virginia, when a grandparent provides convincible evidence to a court of law which makes the grandparent have rights to visit his/ her grandchild, the evidence must prove that there will be regretful events if the grandparent is not given the right to visit his/ her grandchild. These events may include harmful events to the child. This is the case when both parents of the child deny the event for which the grandchild meets his/ her grandparent. In the case where only one parent denies the event, the evidence may not include a proof for regretful events. In this case, the court will consider the child’s best interest and give a decision based on the interest.

A grandparent might be considered for the care of a child in the event that they demonstrate by clear and persuading proof that the assumption of a parent that clearly states that the child should not visit his/ her grandparent is unacceptable. Courts of law in the state of Virginia have given circumstances regarding when the assumption can be unacceptable. These circumstances include:

  • The parent is not properly fit to be the guardian of the child;
  • The parent previously lost his/ her right to be the guardian of the child; and
  • The parent previously gave the rights of guardianship or visitation of the child to the grandparent.

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