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Underage possession charges occur once an individual below the age of 21 is suspected to of either purchasing alcohol illegally or consuming alcohol illegally or drinking and driving under the age of 21.  These are serious charges and a conviction will bring about your child having a record, putting them at danger of being expelled from school along with other consequences that can follow them for the rest of their life. Bearing this in mind, we’ll work vigorously and aggressively, to get your charges dropped or reduced. Regardless of whether you need to put in your child in an alcohol treatment program, we will help your son or daughter fight the charges. To do this, contact our Richmond office and speak with a Henrico VA underage possession of alcohol attorney. You shouldn’t expect your kid to be treated leniently in court since they are below age 21 or take these charges lightly since you may find out to your dismay that your child is left with a permanent criminal record. For those parents who see a bright future for your child, a criminal record for underage possession of alcohol or an underage DUI known as a Baby DUI can extinguish that light.

Virginia underage drinking laws are very intricate. The lawyer will learn more about the options your child has after talking to your child and then guide you and your child as to how to proceed.

There are alternative options if we are an outright dismissal isn’t in the cards. Because our attorneys are experienced in defending juveniles and young adults charged with underage possession of alcohol or DUI in Henrico, you can be rest assured your case is in great hands. We are going to evaluate the situation and then present you with the very best possible outcome.

Without legal representation, you’re placing your kid’s life and future in danger. When it comes time to go over plea deals if that is in your child’s best interests, we will work aggressively to try and ensure that your child is not left with a permanent criminal record. Besides this, you’re innocent, until you’re found guilty. Keep in mind that even a mistake committed at a young age has the capacity of creating a lifetime challenges.

A criminal record could make your son or daughter ineligible to get student loans and can make it tough to find housing, employment. We work hard and have over 20 years of experience defending clients charged with criminal offenses in Henrico. While a DUI offense can’t simply impact somebody’s capability to drive long term, it could impact their capacity to attend school and may even influence their capacity to enter a college or a university also.

If your child was charged with minor or underage in possession of alcohol, it’s important to get legal advice as soon as possible. If that’s the very first brush with the law for your child, it may be possible to get your child into a diversion program so that your child does not have a permanent criminal record. Besides the hefty fines, your son or daughter might need to spend at least 50 hours of their time doing community services. That’s the reason it is important to protect your child’s rights with the assistance of legal counsel. Whether your kid will lose his driver’s license or not will be determined by level and the character of the charges. Parents must be aware they will need to be present at hearings with their child. The parents also ought to be conscious of the permit suspension consequences and the probable consequences that could impact their insurance.

So if your child has a Henrico County VA underage possession of alcohol or Henrico County VA DUI charge, call our Henrico Possession of Alcohol criminal defense lawyers for help by call 888-437-7747 and make an appointment to meet with us in our Richmond Office. C

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