How Does A Father Get Full Custody Of A Child In Maryland Montgomery Lawyer

Fathers may want full custody if their child for reasons such as the mother is unfit and lacking to provide for the well being of the child. The father may be afraid for the safety and the welfare of his child and decides to acquire sole custody of his child. Nevertheless, the parents may want full custody of their child just to prevent the other parent from seeing the minor; these reasons include anger or resentment over betrayal and adultery, immaturity, or simply for unreasonable reasons.

There are some circumstances where the mother refuses to allow the minor to have visitation with his or her father, the father can present to the court of Maryland that the mother is denying visitation with the minor and is not taking actions in the best interest of the juvenile as the court of the state of Maryland always focuses on what is in the best interest of the juvenile. The father may request full custody of the juvenile by proving to the court that the juvenile custody with the mother is not in the best interest of the minor. The court of Maryland takes the factor of the willingness of each parent to encourage the minor to be in frequent communication with the other parent in consideration when deciding on the best interest of the minor, and by the female caretaker preventing visitation, the male caretaker can use this against the mother in the court hearing.

Sometimes, the mother may try to alienate the minor to destroy the juvenile’s relationship and bond with his or her father; the alienation of a child may greatly affect him or her. Types of alienation of the child may include the following:

  • The mother may replace the role of the father by bringing another man into the life of the child.
  • Filling the child’s thoughts with untrue evil comments regarding the father, his partner, or a related party.
  • Undermining the father’s parental capability and influence.
  • The mother may lie to the child about actions that the father had done to her, such as abuse or neglect, to damage the perspective that the child has for his or her father.

The male caretaker must take immediate court action when learning about such matters, the male caretaker may go the court and request an adjustment in the pre-existing juvenile custody order and state that the mother has violated the Maryland court order.

Additionally, the male caretaker may also gain sole custody of the minor if proven that the female caretaker is unfit for the upbringing of the juvenile. A situation where the female caretaker is incapable to take care of the minor is if the female caretaker is a drug abuser or an alcohol abuser. If this is the case, then the mother can be proven in the court that she is unable to be the primary caretaker of the minor, and the father may be awarded sole custody of the juvenile. However, this is not the case if the parent had an issue with substance abuse in the past. Domestic violence performed by the mother can also be used as evidence that the mother is unfit to be the caregiver of the juvenile.

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