How Much Does An Uncontested Divorce Cost In Maryland Montgomery Attorney

Usually, before couples decide on getting a divorce, they often ask themselves how much the divorce will cost them along with their families in terms of finance and mental grief. However, regrettably, divorce does not have a universal answer. In the United States, a divorce will cost roughly around $15,000, depending on the state in which the divorce takes place it can be more than $15,000 or less. However, this amount is a medium level representation on the price range because it all depends on what issues along with the amount of issues your divorce case has when it goes on trial. For example, a contested divorce where spouses cannot settle their issues will be significantly more expensive because where normal divorces in Maryland cost roughly $14,500, a contested dissolve bonds of matrimony in Maryland will cost up to $21,000. Therefore, despite these prices looking steep, it will be worth it when building a strong defense especially if you have assets that’s need protecting such as retirement benefits, personal property along with any other real estate and even goes towards choosing a fair amount for alimony. In addition the up-front fee of a professionally ran dissolve bonds of matrimony will save you money in the long term.

Furthermore, to clarify just what is an uncontested dissolve bonds of matrimony in the State of Maryland, well it basically means that when both partners come to an understanding on all important aspects of a dissolve bonds of matrimony such as:

  • Alimony
  • Guardianship of any children involved which includes where the children will live along with visitation rights.
  • Splitting up all matrimonial debts and assets
  • Medical expenses for any children involved such as dental insurance, and
  • Any other differences that are involved in the couple’s marriage.
  • Therefore, if either partner disagrees with any of these aspects then the annulment will immediately considered a contested dissolve bonds of matrimony.

Therefore, in Maryland, the cheapest dissolve bonds of matrimony option is a mutual request for an “uncontested divorce” in which there are no children involved. This option basically compromises a mutually arranged agreement that is filed for approval by the court. However, if there are children involved in the uncontested dissolution of marriage, then there will added parts delivered in the agreed agreement such as visitation and child support.

Moreover, determining all unresolved disputes in a dissolution of marriage could possibly be challenging devoid of a nonaligned third party. For that reason, Maryland allows the choice of employing a mediator which will cost you more, but will also increase the possibility of avoiding the significantly more expensive price of a lawsuit in the long term. Nevertheless while Mediation is a voluntary method which allows partners to decide their divorces `s outcome without employing an attorney nor appearing in a dissolution of marriage court (however they still need to pay the filing fees), it is imperative that for divorcing couples choosing to use this option, that they have a lawyer asses their agreement before submitting it to court.

Overall, an uncontested dissolution of marriage in the State of Maryland will cost more or less $25,000 that is split between $14,000 for the dissolution of marriage and around $11,000 for legal fees depending on the price of the lawyer. Moreover, the time limit for an uncontested dissolution of marriage in Maryland is just 2 to 3 months and is a simple and smooth process.

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