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A recent survey showed that a normal divorce in Maryland costs about $14,000 along with $11,000 in legal fees. Nearly half of the total costs come from legal fees. This is because people have to take into account that not only will you have to pay just the hourly rate of the lawyer, which in Maryland is $270 and depending on how many hours are spent on your case the price can be significant, but you will also be paying for other expenses such as court filings, financial analysts, consultants for child custody, copying and sharing document costs among many others that all factor into the legal fee costs.

Moreover, there are a number of effects that can affect the price of Divorce in the state of Maryland.

Having minor children: This is the chief costly category for dissolution of marriage in Maryland because the price of a dissolution of marriage that involves kids can be up to 50% more costly than the standard divorces. The survey analysis shows that with minor kids involved, the average dissolution of marriage in Maryland will cost up to $21,000 along with attorney fees being at $17,700. However, if a spouse can reach a settlement before trial than the price will be considerably lower than what it will cost to resolve their dissolve bonds of matrimony in court

Alimony dispute: In an alimony case, the addition of children in the dissolution of marriage won’t matter because a dispute with alimony will still be more costly than the average dissolution of marriage. Therefore since in alimony disputes, couples tend to repeatedly disagree on how much the non-working and working spouse is paid, the cost of such dissolution of marriage in Maryland can reach up to $19,300 along with $16,000 in attorney fees.

It is essential to keep in mind that reaching a settlement or even organizing a trail in these types of situations can be quite pricey due to hiring job-related analysts and economic experts along with reviewing their opinions. Furthermore, it is crucial to state that spouses will frequently demand more alimony which will result in the other spouse aggressive fight the demand which results in a more costly dissolution of marriage.

Property division issues: regarding divorces that have property division issues, they will without thought always be more costly than the regular divorce. This, for the most part, goes to the couples that have a high net worth and the couples who promptly go to trial to settle their issues instead of settling them out of court. The survey shows that these kinds of divorces in Maryland can cost up to $19,600 in addition to $16,000 in attorney fees.

To summarize: the survey shows that couples who have children under the age of 18 along with couples who have a much higher net-worth will have more expensive divorces than the standard in Maryland with the total sum averaging at $35,700. Furthermore, if couples file for divorce in the State of Maryland basing it on the Fault of one of the Spouses such as desertion, adultery or cruelty then the divorce will be more expensive due to needing different legal processes than what is standard.

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