How Much Does It Cost To File A Divorce In Maryland Montgomery Lawyer

An unavoidable part of divorce is the fees and other costs. These fees differ between each county and state court. Moreover, every lawyer`s fees for assisting in filing for divorces varies greatly. Additionally, if couples have to negotiate their terms or are having a contested divorce, then the cost and time to finish the divorce process will rise.

Divorces are public matters that necessitate decisions from court of law. To initiate a dissolution of marriage case in Maryland, an individual has to file a request for a marriage termination with the administrator of the local county courthouse. Moreover, standard protocol for courts is to charge fees in order for an individual to file their case, this fee differs to depending on where you live, however it normally amounts to about $300 Countrywide.

However, in Maryland just filing your case without a lawyer starts at $165 without any additional requests or motions. This fee can be cheaper if you file your request online through a court website. Nevertheless as stated before the court will charge you more if you need licensed copies of your request along with requiring the Maryland Triple seal which is $10 for each paper, moreover, added petitions (such as petition for contempt which is valued $31), motions and proposed orders such as custody enrollment without a lawyer which is valued at $165 among other requests you may or will file during the course of your dissolution of marriage. So with added requests without a lawyer present you are looking at around $215 to $300 as total applying sum depending which county it is in Maryland.

However, if you have a lawyer to file your dissolution of marriage request, then the applying fee increase because in Maryland just the attorney appearance fee is $10, however generally in Maryland each individual filing price increases by $10 if your lawyer does the entire process for filing your requests at court, so you are looking at a filing with added requests and with a lawyer present to bearound $275 to $375 as total sum in Maryland. Furthermore, you have to take into account that that the addition of a lawyer also means paying for the lawyer’s charges and costs on top of the filing costs. Moreover, for a simple uncontested divorce it’s most likely that a Maryland lawyer will charge you a flat fee, but it is more than likely that they will charge you with an hourly rate in more complicated divorces which will require more court filings, extra time on the case along with court appearances along with the addition of other expanses of the lawyer`s staff among others, overall depending on the circumstances of the dissolution of marriage the total legal fees from the divorce is $11,000 but the price of legal fees increase with child custody being at $17,000, alimony disputes and property division issuesare at $16,000 each for legal fees.

In addition to filing you divorce, you still need to also serve your case onto your spouse either through mail or in person. This is normally done by submitting your petition along with a summons to the office of the sheriff by either you or your lawyer. The cost of serving your case to your spouse in Maryland is $40. Finally in the event that your spouse is not found to serve then you need to pay a charge in-order to set up a publication of your divorce as a legal notice in any newspaper in Maryland.

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