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In Virginia, traffic tickets may be paid in various ways. As a traffic law violator, the Virginia uniform summons (traffic ticket) may be paid either via mail, phone, online, or in person. It must also be noted that paying varies from court to court and whether the payment is completed “Pre-court” or “Post-court”. “Pre-court” payments involve the online option and paying via mail option while “Post-court” payments involve paying after the uniform summons traffic ticket offender’s trial.

Usually, traffic law violators receive a Virginia Pre-payable Offenses Information Sheet where the motor vehicle operator may decide to fight or not to fight his/her ticket.

Traffic ticket violators in Virginia have multiple options when paying their Virginia Uniform Summons (traffic tickets) such as:

“Pre-Court” Payments

The Online Method

Paying uniform summons traffic ticket in Virginia via the internet or online may be done after visiting the General District Court Online Case Information System. Upon finding the jurisdiction that covers the grounds of the court listed on the uniform summons traffic ticket, the driver is required to find his/her case and further proceed with the payment.

Paying via Mail

Paying for uniform summons traffic ticket by mail is the simplest and oldest method of paying a uniform summons traffic ticket. The driver is required to send the fine required from him/her to the presiding court that is enlisted on the uniform summons traffic ticket. It must be noted that generally, courts covering the grounds of such matters in VA are general courts or juvenile courts. Drivers paying by mail are advised to pay at least seven days prior to the date of the citation.

“Post-Court” Payments

The motor vehicle operator is required to pay the VA uniform summons by, first of all, contacting the court responsible for the case and where the case itself was heard. The driver is expected to request the clerk to provide him/her information on the amount of fine that the driver traffic law violator owes, the “reference case number”, and finally, the forum’s mailing address. Such information may be obtained in person or via contacting the court by phone.

Furthermore, it must be noted that courts in Virginia accept the following forms of payments:

  1. Credit cards;
  2. Personal checks;
  3. Certified checks; and
  4. Money orders.

However, some jurisdictions do not accept credit cards and hence the driver is required to inquire about the payment method prior to commencing in such payment. Moreover, the driver is subject to a 4% convenience fee from the transaction when paying via credit or debit cards.

In addition, the driver must not mail the fine for his/her ticket to the Office of the Executive Secretary for the Supreme Ct. of Virginia, but to the address given to him/her. Any payments made to the Office of the Executive Secretary for the Supreme Ct. of Virginia will be disregarded and unsuccessful.

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