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If you are dealing with a child custody case in Loudoun County, an experienced Loudoun Child Custody Lawyer may be your greatest asset. An experienced custody attorney can help you in a wide variety of ways both in the courtroom and outside of the courtroom.

A Loudoun child custody lawyer can help you inside a courtroom by:

  • Advocating for your goals while ensuring the principle of best interests of the child is always maintained
  • Ensure that relevant evidence is presented on your behalf
  • Ensure that the other parent does not falsely malign you in court
  • Subpoena relevant witnesses such as school teachers, etc

A child custody lawyer in Loudoun, VA can help you outside the courtroom by

  • Providing you valuable counsel as to what steps you should take to get custody
  • Help you work with a mediator to develop a child custody visitation schedule
  • Assist you in finding a qualified child custody evaluator
  • Provide you emotional support as you go through a very potentially traumatic experience

If you hired an experienced Loudoun domestic relations lawyer, then you can have the peace of mind that no matter your situation, you have legal counsel who will advocate for you. It’s crucial that you have an experienced child custody lawyer in Loudoun, VA who understands the value of looking at each issue that you are facing and can help you navigate them.

Our Loudoun, Virginia domestic relations attorneys realize that custody of children or a child is among the most significant things for a parent. A qualified Virginia child custody attorney from the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. is only a phone call away to talk you about your child custody case.

As a parent, you must have an attorney who is able to help you receive the maximum amount of custodial time with your child(ren) and potentially safeguard your rights. Call us for help, if you are searching for an experienced Loudoun domestic relations lawyer to assist you with a child custody case in Loudoun Virginia. An experienced Loudoun domestic relations lawyer will explain the particulars of what the distinction is between joint custody and sole custody. An experienced Loudoun domestic relations lawyer will be certain that all facts emphasized and are included at each phase of the procedure and will advocate on your behalf to make sure your rights are appropriately protected.

Divorce can be among the toughest and most stressful things in someone’s life, especially when it involves children and the risk of you being separated from them. Therefore, it’s important to get the right help. Whether you are at present attempting to exert your rights in a foreign state or facing an international divorce and guardianship case, we’ve got resources and the experience to assist you.

Normally a guardianship case in Loudoun Juvenile Court will take up to a year before a child custody trial occurs because of how backed up the Juvenile courts are backed up in terms of their docket. Almost, every child guardianship case comprises the usage of discovery. Remember discovery cannot begin unless authorized by the Juvenile Court. This rule does not apply to discovery in circuit court.

Custody is allowed to non-parents in conditions when it isn’t in the child best interest to live with either parent, or where the parent is incapacitated or otherwise unable to provide care for the kid. Whether you are contemplating changing your arrangements after circumstances have changed or are deciding visitation and guardianship for the time, you’ll want an experienced Loudoun family lawyer that can help you determine the specific requirements of your family and help you have them resolved. All child custody and visitation agreements have to be in the kid’s best interest.

Both parents need to support their kids. On occasion, unfair modifications will be requested by a parent as a way of getting revenge on the other parent of the kid. He or she being upset that the other parent isn’t spending 100% of their visitation time with the kids isn’t what the case is about, isn’t what the Court is going to be concerned about, and shouldn’t be the driving element for litigation. Parents who have guardianship case pending in Loudoun, VA will be required to attend parenting classes that are made to make sure both parents consider each decision they make affects the youngster and her or his continuing relationship with each parent.

In some cases, children of an appropriate age can testify in court. As a general rule of thumb, your child should be at least 14 years of age if the court is going to give weight to their testimony. Even in cases where the child testifies as to his or her preference, some children may have special requirements or concerns that have to be dealt with that may impact how a Loudoun Judge is going to decide custody and visitation. The reluctance to set a definite age where a minor may testify in court, provides the Loudoun County Judges leeway on deciding whether a minor can testify versus talking to the Judge in chambers versus not having the child testify at all.

All you have to do is to be sure that you follow the order of the court laws and work hard to towards obtaining guardianship of your minor.

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