Maryland Car Accident Settlement Process And Timeline Montgomery Attorney

There are a number or procedures for settling a car accident along with doing it within a certain timeframe. The procedures for car settlements are found below:

Reporting your car accident- in some cases you do need to report your car accident specifically to the MVA or the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration and you have 15 days from the accident to file it, this is done if no one was injured during the accident and there were no law enforcement officers present at the scene of the accident.

Maryland Car Insurance Laws – an individual is required to have all of these types of insurances in Maryland and they are:

  1. Underinsured or uninsured driver insurance
  2. PIP or Personal Injury Protection insurance
  3. Liability insurance

Regarding the liability insurance and the Underinsured or uninsured driver insurance, there is the minimum required liability limits that an individual needs to have as it is stated in the Maryland Code of Law and they are:

  1. $15,000 for property destruction
  2. $30,000 for Injury or death of 1 person
  3. $60,000 for injury or death of 2 or more people

However you are required to have $2,500 for your PIP insurance by Mayland code of law, furthermore, if an individual fails to mandatory the least liability limits then the individual will have their driver’s license suspended or be fined by the state, there is a possibility that the individual will incur both.

How do car settlements work in Maryland- Maryland has a fault-based system due to following the contributory negligence rule which stipulates that if an individual is at fault for even the slightest reason then they will not obtainre compense from the other driver. In addition, you will have 3 possible options to file a claim for reparation from the other motorist in Maryland and they are:

  1. An individual can file a report with their own insurance firm.
  2. An individual can directly sue the at fault driver for their wounds, or
  3. An individual is allowed to pursue the guilty driver`s insurance company for settlement.

If an individual is not able to settle a disagreement with an insurance firm, then they have 2 options and they are:

  1. Written complaints– the MIA or the Maryland Insurance Administration will evaluate the individual’s written complaint and offer advice on how to settle the disagreement.
  2.  RRP or Rapid Response Program– the MIA created this program to help specific people settle their personal injury and property claims as soon as possible devoid of publically filing the complaint.

It is important to know that the MIA does not get involved in unresolved litigation either does it decide decisions concerning the dispute.

Timeframe– the deadline for filing a case for personal injury and personal property is 3 years. Moreover, if an individual is filing a case against the State of Maryland then they have a 1-year deadline of which the clock for the deadline starts its countdown on the day of the accident. Furthermore, it is important to know that if an individual misses the deadline then he or she will have their case dismissed by the court.

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