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A child custody case may include all or several of the below-mentioned procedures, the process can either be an easy one or difficult one, depending on the difficulty to come to mutual agreements between the parents regarding child custody matters.

First, the involved parties in Maryland have a scheduled conference in the courthouse. The parents are made aware of the issues in the custody case by a judge and the judge provides the parents with suitable resources such as mediation to help the parents to come to mutual agreements, pre-trial settlement conference, and an obligated co-parenting course is scheduled and the deadlines of the case are arranged.

Second, there is a pre-trial settlement conference, which is a scheduled conference trial where a judge tries to help the guardians to establish a settlement. If the guardians are unable to come to an agreement regarding guardianship, even after mediation and pre-trial settlement the judge will go over the procedure of the trial with each guardian.

In Maryland, a co-parenting course is required by most courts regarding custody cases, it is one of the family services programs and it is managed by a family services staff. This is a program that discusses the impact of divorce on a minor and guardians emotionally, the change in the relationship between the guardians and the minor due to divorce, the switch among households, communication with the minor and other related parties, and other related matters. The co-parenting course helps both the minor and the guardians go through changes due to a divorce and help them cope with it.

In Maryland, the trial comes last and is the final hearing where the court will decide custody of the child, to who it will be granted, the division of custody regarding each guardian of the child, how the decisions regarding the welfare of the child will be made, and the financial support of the minor. The court of the state of Maryland will decide the above-mentioned matters based on the best interest of the minor and not due to the guardian’s needs and desires. Nevertheless, each case is different and there is no specific rule that the court abides with that results in the same custody orders. The guardian with whom the child resides with is referred to as the parent with physical custody of the minor and the other guardian is usually granted visitation rights and obligated to provide child support payments. Legal custody may be awarded to both parents so that each parent can be equally involved in the decision making of the child’s life, or be awarded to one parent, this depends on the parents determination on working together and providing a healthy relationship with their child. visitation schedules can be worked out between the parents and if the parents are unable to come up with a mutually agreed upon plan, a judge may interfere and provide a visitation schedule based on the best interest of the minor, where the parents are obligated to work with.

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