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If you suspect you are under investigation for violating any of Maryland child pornography laws, you should understand that seeking the legal assistance of an experienced Maryland Attorney should be your first step.

If you have violated any of the child pornography laws of Maryland and are probably wondering, where all this will end.

Be aware that child pornography is a serious offense in Maryland and can result in harsh punishments.

Under Maryland Law, if one is charged with an offense of production of child pornography, he will be punished with 10-years imprisonment and a fine up to a maximum of $25000.

For subsequent violations of child pornography distribution, the law in Maryland imposes a punishment of 20 years imprisonment or both. Most offenders who are charged with offenses involving sexual conduct are ignorant about the stringent sex offender registration laws.

Anyone convicted of child pornography will be registered as a Tier 2 registered sex offender. Most people are unaware of the implications of being registered as a sex offender. You may be shocked to know that your name will remain on the registry for the next 25 years. If your name is on the sex offender registry, this will definitely impact your life. If you wish to try and mitigate or eliminate the negative influence of such a charge on your life, you should immediately contact a skilled Maryland child pornography lawyer to defend you. It is unlawful to possess any visual representation of a minor under the age of 16 depicting any sadomasochistic abuse or sexual conduct in Maryland.

If you are ever charged with such an offense, Maryland law punishes you with a conviction of five-year imprisonment and a fine of $2,500. Based on the discretion of the judge, you may be punished with both. On being convicted for the second time for the same offense, you may be subjected subject to imprisonment not exceeding 10 years or a fine not exceeding $10,000 or both. If you seriously want to try and avoid have to register as a Tier 2 registered sex offender for 25 years, then you should immediately obtain the assistance of an attorney who has several years of experience in handling sex crimes in Maryland

An experienced attorney will make an in-depth analysis of all the evidence against you and devise the best defense. The attorney you hire will defend your case against the prosecution. A skilled attorney would represent in court by raising any and all available affirmative defenses.

You may be wondering what an affirmative defense means. In criminal cases such as child pornography, an affirmative defense would mean proving to the Court that the accused had taken several measures to delete the objectionable content.

Possessing a naked photo of your child is not a crime in Maryland. However, it is unlawful for a parent to possess visual representations of sadomasochistic nature. In such situations, you should immediately hire an experienced Maryland child pornography attorney who can try to persuade the court about your innocence.

If you have legal sanction for possession or distribution of child porn as you are using such material for scientific, education or other valid purposes, then such penalties may not be imposed on you and you do not have to hire a child pornography lawyer in Maryland.

Mr. Sris has defended child pornography case in Maryland and Virginia. He has over 20 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney. He is a former prosecutor. He defends clients before the state courts of Virginia and Maryland. He also defends these types of case before the Federal Courts.

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