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In the state of Maryland, it is necessary for the child to receive support from both it’s parents regardless of their status as a couple. This means things such as divorce or legal separation are not excuses for a parent to not support it’s minor.

Child Support

Child support in the state of Maryland usually means the guardian without the custody of the minor pays money to the parent with custody to provide the necessities for their minor and take care for their well-being and health. Parents can agree together on what form of juvenile maintenance they can agree on, or ask for the court order. In the case of the former, the agreement mustn’t deviate too far from Maryland’s state guidelines.

Both parents are responsible in taking care and providing juvenile maintenance for their minor The obligations of kiddie sustenance takes into account the amount of income both guardians receive. If a guardian is unemployed, juvenile maintenance is calculated based on their potential income. Juvenile maintenance includes minor care expenses, coverage of health insurance, medical, educational and travel expenses. A guardian must pay juvenile maintenance until they turn 18, graduate high school and are freed from the guidance of their guardian.

Child Support Enforcement Administration

Child Support Enforcement Administration (CSEA) handles the juvenile maintenance services in the state of Maryland. The CSEA is responsible for several things:

  1. Locating a missing or a caretaker that has left without returning and specifying where they’re leaving to.
  2. Enforcing court order on juvenile maintenance.
  3. Gathering the payments for juvenile maintenance.
  4. Gaining a court order for health insurance of the minor.
  5. Establishing paternity.
  6. Reviewing and then adjusting the court ordered amount for child sustenance.

The Child Support Enforcement Administration (CSEA) also provides for the guardians to estimate their personal share of sustenance to provide to their minor a minor sustenance guideline calculator.

Length of Establishing Child Support Order

It tends takes from 90 to 180 for juvenile maintenance order to be accepted or established. However, there are factors that could potentially delay the process. For example, if one of the parent’s lives outside the state of Maryland, is imprisoned or confined, does not attend the court hearing or if there problems in calculating and verifying the income. The process can also be shortened and made easier if both parents can agree and rationally cooperate into a hearing and thus and agreement can be reached more quickly.

Income Shares Model

This model is used for calculating juvenile maintenance in the state of Maryland. Using this model, a minor should receive the same amount of parental income it would receive if both parents were still married and live together. This model accounts several factors in its calculation:

  • The amount of income both parents receive
  • The amount of minor children both parents share between each other
  • Health insurance costs of the minor.
  • Alimony of the payer or recipient
  • Child support for other children
  • Medical expenses

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