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If you are faced with a problem, you most likely wish to obtain the best solution possible. This is exactly the state of mind you are in if you are facing a criminal allegation.

In this type of situation, you should search for someone whom you can trust

You should take the decision of hiring an criminal defense attorney very seriously however minor the charge may be.

Your priority should be searching for someone who is highly experienced in defending clients like you. If you find a confident trustworthy lawyer, your search ends there. 

The choice you make decides the consequence of the charge, the decision you take decides whether the charge would result in a possible dismissal or reduced charge. You may be unaware of the possible risks associated with a criminal charge. You should understand at this point, that the risks involved are extremely serious.

A criminal charge brings with it the risk of fine and/or imprisonment. But this risk is nothing compared to the risk of losing your friends, family and possibly your job due to the conviction. Upon being charged with a crime, you should immediately seek legal representation. Consulting an experienced Maryland criminal defense attorney may be your best option. A skilled attorney will provide you with sound advice about the various steps involved in the criminal proceedings like preparing for trial and plea bargaining.

The most important requirement of a talented attorney is that he should properly explain to the client all the charges against him and the proper defense to be taken in cases like yours. You should know what the procedures are used in trial preparation. Generally, preparation for a trial includes several steps like gathering relevant evidence and witnesses when possible and analyzing issues that can be raised against you.

In some cases, the facts clearly indicate that the prosecution has built a strong case against the Defendant. In these situations, you need an experienced attorney who has years of experience in persuasively negotiating for a lesser sentence. Searching for an effective criminal defense lawyer in Maryland is the most challenging task.

The advice of a skilled counsel in a criminal matter is extremely important if you are facing allegations of illegal activity. A skilled attorney is someone who analyses your case thoroughly to arrive at the best defense strategy possible to try and get you the best result possible based on the facts of your case. Only if you know the facts of your case and under what charges you have been charged with, can you decide how to proceed with your case. Your case may be a case involving Maryland state law or federal law.

Under Maryland law, some offenses like drug possession, drug trafficking, traffic violations, robberies are considered seriously and harsh penalties are imposed. Federal offenses that are punished severely in Maryland include Child pornography, other sex crimes, sex trafficking, human trafficking and other criminal cases like racketeering.

Mr. Sris regularly defends clients charged with crimes in Maryland state and federal courts. C

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