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If you have been charged with violating a governmental criminal law in Maryland before the Federal Court of Greenbelt or Baltimore, seeking the help of an experienced Maryland government criminal lawyer may be one of your best.

If you determine that government authorities are questioning you about an alleged offense, you should first determine whether you are the subject of the investigation or whether the questioning is for a witness to a crime.

If you determine that you are under investigation, then obtaining the help of an experienced Maryland government criminal defense attorney may be the best thing you can do for yourself.

Most often than not, government investigations move at a slower pace than state investigations and you may not be sure whether you are the accused or the witness. Being questioned by the government authorities may be more intimidating that being questioned by the state authorities. In such situations, you should immediately hire a Maryland government criminal lawyer who is experienced with defending clients charged with federal law crimes.

The presence of a lawyer is more important in federal cases because you may inadvertently make a false representation to a government officer resulting in additional charges. You need to be aware that anything you tell the investigator during the investigation may be used against you in court. You should also be aware that lying to a federal agent is considered a serious offense. An experienced Maryland government defense attorney will analyze your case. Such an attorney will also listen patiently to your version and work on building a strong defense plan.

The attorney will make an in-depth study of police reports and crime scenes to make persuasive arguments to the court. In cases where the prosecution has built a strong case, the defense counsel will initiate a plea bargain on your behalf. In plea deals, the client pleads guilty but not necessarily to the actual offense. Frequently, your Maryland defense counsel will have negotiated a lesser charge or sentence. When plea deals are entered into, the trial is not conducted.

An Maryland federal criminal attorney who has worked on a number of plea deals will have the necessary experience in handling such cases and will negotiate aggressively to try and obtain the best result possible based on the facts of your case.

The attorney will inform the client about the advantages and disadvantages of the guilty plea and will encourage the client to make the right decision. Whether you are the accused or the witness taking the help of a Maryland federal criminal lawyer, obtaining legal counsel is the best thing you can do for yourself.

The lawyer you hire will provide you with expert assistance when you are being questioned by the federal agents. If you intend to obtain help for your federal criminal case, the criminal lawyer you choose should have a thorough knowledge of federal procedure, evidence, trial process and other formalities involved in federal law.

Mr. Sris is proud of his skills as a Federal criminal defense attorney in Maryland.

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