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In general, indecent exposure means intentionally exposing one’s private parts in a public place. The exposure must happen with the intention for others to view it and the episode should result in exposure of the person’s private parts.

In Maryland, revealing private parts indecently in the public is a common law crime, which means it is defined in case laws and not in the statutes.

However, the penalty for indecent exposure has been stated in the indecent exposure laws.

According to cases from Maryland, the major elements that describe indecent exposure are:

  1. The wilful and intentional exposure of one’s private parts, which include genitals, buttocks, or female breasts
  2. In a public place and
  3. In the presence of others.

The charge of indecent exposure may very likely result in a jail sentence and/or fines. Further, it can also harm the reputation of the perpetrator and ability to find employment. No matter how innocent the actions happen to be, the accusation for indecent exposure must be taken seriously and dealt with properly.

The verdict for indecent exposure will certainly affect the character and reputation of the individual negatively and in the process the welfare of the family. While many people may consider indecent exposure as aninconsequential offense, it needs to be stressed here that it is not so.

Public places, for the purpose of indecent exposure do not necessarily mean places that are located outside or where public frequent in large numbers without any restrictions. It also includes a private residence of another person. It could also mean a private area or another person’s residence where the perpetrator indecently exposes his/her private parts in front of the owner or other member of the family without their permission and consent.

Maryland Indecent Exposure Penalties

Of course, there is punishment for the Indecent exposure as defined in the MD Code, Criminal Law, § 11-107.

According to the Indecent Exposure Statute in Maryland, a person found guilty of indecent exposure is guilty of misdemeanor and is subject to imprisonment for up to 3 years and he may also liable to pay a fine amount that may go up to $1,000.

To conclude, many states require the person convicted of indecent exposure to register as sex offenders, but in Maryland it is not so. However, it may be noted here that specific details of the occurrence can prompt this requirement.

Being accused of indecent exposure in Maryland can cause immense distress to you and your family as well. If you need the help of a Maryland indecent exposure lawyer as a result of being charged with indecent exposure in Maryland, call our office immediately for help. Our Maryland indecent exposure attorneys can help you. 888-437-7747. C

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