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Maryland`s sex crimes law are found in the Maryland Criminal Law Code Title 3, Subtitle 3. Moreover, once a verdict is reached in court, the results usually tend to be life in prison along with a permanent sexual crime charged to put in the offender`s record. Likewise, in the case the offender receives a shorter sentence, they will still receive the same penalties which will make it extremely difficult to find employment, seek loans, finding future housing among others.

Therefore, to help prove your innocence along with preserving your quality of life, hiring a qualified Maryland sex crimes attorney is the best legal option for you because qualified Maryland sex crimes attorneys will use every possible resource along with handling your case skillfully in order to create a strong defense for your case.

Furthermore, Sex crimes in Maryland have 2 degrees of rape. The first degree refers to the illegality of engaging in vaginal sexual intercourse with another person without consent through either intimidation or force and it is found in Maryland Criminal Law Code Section 3-303. Moreover, the first-degree rape also comes into play if an individual preforms one or more of the following:

  • Intimidating to disfigure, abduct, injury, choke or kill the victim.
  • Committing rape while also committing theft no matter if it is first, second or third degree.
  • Having help from another person in committing this crime.
  • Exhibiting a dangerous weapon on the victim.

Moreover, the penalty of 1st-degree rape is a conviction along with life imprisonment with the possibility of parole. However, in the case that the rape was committed on a minor (under the age of 16) then the penalty is the same but without the possibility of parole.

The second degree rape charge is found in Maryland Criminal Law Code Section 3-304, and this code states that a person cannot engage in un-consensual vaginal intercourse with another person if the victim is threatened with the use of force, if the offender is 4 years older than the victim while the victim is a minor under the age of 14 and if the offender knows that the victim is mentally challenged or physically helpless. Furthermore, in Maryland date rape is also classified as 2nd-degree rape.
The penalties for 2nd-degree rape are a prison term of up to 20 years along with a permanent sexual offense conviction. However, if the offender is over the age of 18 and the victim is under the age of 13 then a sentence of 15 to life is issued.

Furthermore besides rape charges, attempts at rape and other sexual offences whether 1st or 2nd degree are found in Maryland Criminal Law Code Section 3-309 and 3-312 respectively. Conferring to these codes it is against the law to attempt 1st or 2nd-degree rape or a sexual offense on an individual, even if the attempts do not lead to sexual contact or vaginal intercourse. Moreover, the penalties for these charges in the form of 1st degree are a conviction along with life in prison while a 2nd degree holds a conviction but with a 20-year prison sentence.

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