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Sex Crime Defense Lawyer Maryland

In Maryland, the punishment for online solicitation of a minor is severe. Therefore, it is crucial that you hire a criminal defense attorney who has experience defending clients in Maryland charged with online solicitation.

You need to know that online solicitation of a minor in Maryland is a serious felony. 

According to the laws in Maryland, it is defined as the communication with a minor through any form of digital or electronic media with the purpose of engaging in any form of sexual activity.

It is not necessary that the actual physical contact should have occurred and a mere communication is sufficient for the accused to be charged or convicted of the crime. Any form of encouragement or inducement is enough for serious legal consequences which could range from prison sentences to hefty fines.

One of the biggest consequences of being charged with online solicitation of a minor is the long-term, possibly for life, registration on the Maryland Sex Offender Register. This will have huge implications on your life. If you are being investigated for solicitation of a minor or arrested for soliciting a minor in Maryland, contact a lawyer in Maryland experienced in handling sex offense cases immediately. The lawyer can protect your rights through the investigation and criminal justice process, and can aggressively make out a defense strategy.

When scouting for a Maryland solicitation of a minor lawyer, avoid unsolicited mailings from law firms offering their services. Most of these firms operate under the principle high volume – a quick turnover policy which will lessen the value of the services offered.

When selecting a lawyer, it is necessary to realize that the lawyer you have zeroed in on must have a comprehensive knowledge of federal and state investigative systems and methods employed to arrest child predators. In some circumstances, unethical or unapproved means would have been used to conduct the arrest, or substantiate the allegations. In such cases, the charges may be quashed as entrapment. Also, circumstances are of utmost importance when it comes to fighting child solicitation accusations. First, the attorney should understand the details of your case, including the online servers and technological firms from which information and evidence may be sourced. Further, the attorney must be able to gather the circumstantial evidence that can alleviate the final sentence to a great extent.

Once you have made out a list of potential attorneys in Maryland for solicitation of minor, it is recommended you have a discussion with them. The first interview will be a good opportunity for you to assess the lawyer’s capabilities and how your case will be handled. It is also important to make clear about the services you are seeking, such as consultation or court representation. You need to indicate the kind of result you plan on pursuing. It is best to work out with your lawyer for a better understanding of the case and its implications.

Mr. Sris is a criminal defense attorney who is licensed in Maryland and has a client meeting location in Bethesda. He has defended numerous clients charged with online solicitation of a minor in MD.

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