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In the state of Maryland, an individual has to appeal the court to become the guardian of a minor. It requires all interested parties of a child to be notified that they are appealing the court. The court generally allows a period of time for other people to oppose the appointment. The court will proceed with or without a hearing, depending on the person appealing and the purpose, if there are no objections. The court needs an initial report of the guardian after he or she is appointed. The reports must continue throughout the guardianship time.

When a child in Maryland has inherited or has been awarded property, or in the event of the loss or unavailability (could not take care of the child) of both parents, therefore, guardianship of a minor child arises. The best interests of the child are the court’s priority. Speaking with the person that has applied for guardianship is involved in the determination of the parent. Expert witnesses may be called by the judiciary to testify which individual is more suitable to become the guardian of the child. If a guardian is nominated by a former one or a parent, it will have a great impact on the court’s determination of the guardian. Occasionally, if the minor is mature enough, he or she could be asked about preference of who will take guardianship. Other may also disagree with the court’s decision, so when this happens, the judiciary can choose to hear or hold a hearing depending on the disagreement about the best interests of the minor.

In the state of Maryland, courts can appoint two guardians and the process is the same as appointing one. It is common that a brother and sister in law are appointed as the guardians of a minor. There will also be judiciary supervision, and it is to ensure that the guardian is preserving his or her duties and is acting in the child’s best interest. Duties of guardians include making healthcare and living decisions for the child such as providing residence, food clothing, setting up doctor appointments and are responsible for the minor’s education. Generally, guardianship of a minor ends when he or she turns 18 years of age, and the child must have the approval from the court.

However, in Maryland, temporary guardianship may also be an option if it was started due to the incapacity of a parent. Formal guardianship may be terminated once the parent (biological or adoptive) regains the capacity to raise the minor. A Maryland attorney can help people become guardians of children and have the process initiated. An attorney will explain the process of becoming a guardian and the guardianship responsibilities. The lawyer can represent a person in court appearances and hearings. He or she can help you with finding suitable and expert witnesses if deemed necessary by the judiciary. Once an individual becomes the guardian of a minor, a lawyer can help with the needed reports and accounting that are required by the court throughout the guardianship duration.

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