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Traffic violation could signal trouble. Those accused of breaking traffic laws wonder what to do next after the officer issues the ticket. If you are in this situation, do not waste time and contact the traffic lawyers in Maryland at Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. They will tell you what awaits you at the end of the tunnel. Traffic violations can be categorized into two – minor and major:

  1. Minor violations where a speeding ticket is given and it does not involve a jail sentence. You can either pay the fine and admit to the guilt or contest the charge. In the state of Maryland, the driver is given points on their driving record once convicted for the violation by the Maryland Motor vehicle Administration (MVA). If you have more than five points within 2 years then you will have to discuss your driving record with the MVA. Similarly, if you have gathered 8 points within 2 years then your license may be suspended. Check with the police officer on how many points you will be issued if you pay the fine. Many drivers opt to pay the fine instead of walking into the courtroom. You can consult learned traffic lawyers in Maryland for any doubts on the laws. Sign the ticket, it is just a confirmation you received the ticket and not admitting guilty of the violation. Once you sign the ticket, call and inform the traffic lawyers in MD to know the next course of action. If you decide to contest the ticket, speak to the lawyers adept in traffic laws in Maryland and find out what are the options available. The ticket has information on the court date. If you have any doubts contact the lawyers in Maryland. In case you do not pay the fine or appear in court then your license will be suspended. It may be noted here that driving while on a suspended conviction for not paying the ticket or appearing in the court leads to a 60-day jail term or a fine of $500. So, consult lawyers proficient in traffic laws in Maryland immediately and pay the fine or contest the charge in court.
  2. For a major motor vehicle offense, there will be incarceration and this is the second type of violation. As the name goes, a conviction results in a jail sentence, so get the assistance of reputed lawyers adept in traffic laws in MD to avoid going to prison. DUI is an example of an incarcerable offense and only lawyers expert in traffic laws in Maryland can save you from strict penalties. A charge of this nature requires appearing in the court. In this case, you have no choice like in a minor offense conviction where you pay a fine or appear before the judge to contest the case. In case of a major offense, you will be given a date, time, and location to appear for trial. The lawyers proficient in traffic laws in Maryland will guide you through the process. Be sure to get in touch with the lawyers adept in traffic laws in Maryland at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. if you receive a summon. You can seek another date if you are unable to make yourself present on the summon date. You can ask the lawyers proficient in traffic laws in Maryland to seek a new date showing a good cause.

Why would you need lawyers adept in traffic laws in MD?

Your decision to appoint lawyers in Maryland should be taken before the trial date. The right to engage lawyers adept in traffic laws in Maryland to plead your case is accorded by the law. Only able and experienced lawyers adept in traffic laws in Maryland at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. can represent you in the court supported by a strong defense strategy. The lawyers skillful in traffic laws in Maryland will let you know how to gather evidence to prove you not guilty in court. The lawyers proficient in traffic laws in Maryland will also tell you what to object to and assist you in overcoming the circumstances that force you to enter into a guilty plea. The lawyers adept in traffic laws in Maryland will also let you understand the alternatives to a jail sentence or how to minimize maximum penalties. Those who are unable to engage lawyers adept in traffic laws in Maryland can contact the Office of the Public Defender and they will appoint a representative. Decide in advance to avoid going to the courtroom without legal representation. The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. has experience in handling similar cases and our traffic lawyers in Maryland can guide you in every step.

The officer has to enforce the rules, therefore, if you are booked for a violation, ensure you cooperate with the officer and save the contest for the lawyers adept in traffic laws in Maryland during the trial.

Motor Vehicle Administration rules

When a person is convicted on multiple charges on the alleged offense or the circumstances, only the highest point is taken into consideration while assessing the points for a conviction, leaving out the balance. Moreover, forfeiting collateral can be treated as a conviction and need the guidance of lawyers adept in traffic laws in Maryland. The MVA can do the following:

  • Send a warning letter with 3 points to the license
  • Call for a conference for 5 points
  • Suspension of license for 8 points
  • The license can be revoked for 12 points

The initial suspension is a minimum of 15 days and a maximum of 90 days. The points on the license are retained for two years. However, the point system is just an addition to other provisions mentioned by the motor laws. Under certain criteria, the MVA may expunge the driving record. Also remember, the driving record is a public record. Due to the strict penalties, it is advised to discuss the charges with learned lawyers expert in traffic laws in Maryland.

Misdemeanor traffic offenses

In most cases, these offenses are considered to be harmless, as they are simple violations called infractions though, some may be termed as misdemeanor criminal charges keeping in mind their seriousness. Yet do not hesitate to contact renowned lawyers adept in traffic laws in Maryland. Some of the misdemeanor traffic offenses include:

  • Resulting in direct injury
  • Damage to property
  • The threat of serious injury or property damage

The traffic offense differs from infractions as the former carries severe penalties. Again these depend on the state laws and some carry fines of a maximum of $10,000 and involves incarceration. Get yourself protected by lawyers skilled in traffic laws in Maryland as your freedom is at stake.

Minor violations are treated as a misdemeanor. These are simple road offenses that require you to pay the fine. To prevent an upgrade of your offense, contact lawyers adept in traffic laws in Maryland and follow the MVA rules. Some of the misdemeanor charges may be upgraded to a felony if they bring about serious ramifications. Felony charges are considered criminal and lead to a trial involving lawyers experienced in traffic laws in Maryland to represent you in the court.

Anything involving risk to human life and property is considered a misdemeanor. Traffic lawyers in MD are your one point of contact for any type of misdemeanor offense related to an accident. Whether severe or non-severe, only lawyers in Maryland can give your normal life back. Some of the criminal offenses related to road include:

  1. Reckless driving
  2. Not having a valid vehicle insurance
  3. Driving without license
  4. Hit and run case
  5. DUI offense

Apart from the above, some more charges are considered as misdemeanor even though it does not involve driving a vehicle. Find out from lawyers adept in traffic laws in Maryland if you are involved in one. These can be classified as disorderly conduct, for instance obstructing the traffic or playing your car stereo loudly. It is up to the court to decide if it is an infraction or misdemeanor. In most cases, it is important to contact the traffic lawyers in Maryland to understand the severity of your charge.

Traffic Lawyers in Maryland - Penalty for a misdemeanor offense

This type of offense leads to a fine, jail, or both. The punishment depends on the violation and needs the help of lawyers adept in traffic laws in Maryland. The jail term is limited to one year and the fine can be anywhere between $100 to several hundreds of dollars. Some of the other penalties include suspension or loss of driving privileges, confiscation of the motor vehicle of the offender. In the case of substance abuse, the court may call for a rehab program. For severe violation, the charges are upgraded to felony and the penalties are different in this case. In such cases, you cannot go without the aid of lawyers adept in traffic laws in Maryland.

Traffic Lawyers in Maryland - Defense strategy for misdemeanor road offense

The traffic lawyers in Maryland may suggest a defense strategy depending upon the violation and circumstance of the incident. The state and the local laws play a vital role in deciding the strategy. The most common defense strategy includes necessity. The lawyers adept in traffic laws in Maryland use this strategy if it was necessary for that particular circumstance to behave in a certain manner. For instance, a speeding violation can be defended while driving someone to the hospital in an emergency condition. Another instance is the use of force. If the driver was forced to drive in such a manner by threatening bodily harm to self or their family, to indulge in the violation, it can be treated as a defense by the lawyers adept in traffic laws in Maryland. Using these defenses, traffic lawyers in Maryland can save you from severe punishment.

Whatever may be the misdemeanor violation, act immediately to avoid severe penalties. Contact the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. and our traffic lawyers in Maryland will help build a robust defense in your case.

Traffic Lawyers in Maryland - Felony road offense

If a person is injured or there is severe destruction to the property then the offense can be termed as a felony. Call the lawyers adept in traffic laws in Maryland at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. to downgrade your offense. Some DUI charges are categorized as a felony offense. The types of felony offense include:

  1. Vehicular manslaughter
  2. Repeat DUI convictions
  3. Driving without license
  4. Reckless driving like racing or those causing injury to life and property
  5. Hit and run
  6. Running away from law enforcement authorities

Traffic Lawyers in Maryland - Penalties for traffic felony

Felony penalty comes with a jail sentence and it includes monetary fine too, contact lawyers adept in traffic laws in Maryland to reduce your charges to misdemeanor or infraction. Traffic felony can impact you in the following ways and discussing the issue with a lawyer in Maryland is inevitable:

  1. Loss or suspension of driver’s license
  2. Retraining requirements
  3. Points on driver’s license
  4. High insurance premium
  5. Loss of privileges in jobs, especially in the field of education
  6. Impounding the vehicle used during the incident
  7. Ban on owning firearms
  8. Permanent criminal record
  9. Installing breathalyzer in the vehicle
  10. In states with three strike rule expect life imprisonment

When you are charged with a felony?

Once a ticket is issued, call lawyers adept in traffic laws in Maryland. The law enforcement authorities will read your Miranda Rights and you may have to appear before the court when a violation occurred for arraignment. During the court procedures, you can either plead guilty or not guilty with the help of your lawyers in Maryland. If you prefer to contest, the assistance of lawyers adept in traffic laws in Maryland is a must. Only able and experienced traffic lawyers in Maryland will understand your offense and plead accordingly. The state will arrange for traffic lawyers in Maryland if you cannot afford one. Once convicted, you are sentenced to jail, asked to pay a fine or claims to the victim, points are added to your record, and you may be asked to attend a rehab program.

What are the defenses of a felony?

Your traffic lawyers in Maryland will tell you that there are several defenses for a felony arrest. You can contest on the ground if Miranda Rights are not read and any statement made to the police can be defended. Your traffic lawyers in Maryland will present a defense if there is a loss of probable cause for arrest. The accurate evidence to support an arrest has to be presented instead of working on a hunch. Moreover, if the police officer stops without any appropriate reason for the violation, your traffic lawyers in Maryland can cite it to argue that you did not commit any crime.

If you are charged with a felony, the first thought that should come to your mind is to consult traffic lawyers in Maryland from the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. who have an excellent track record and experience in handling felony cases. The traffic lawyers in Maryland specialize in the subject and can prepare a solid foundation for your defense. The laws are subject to amendments and well-practiced lawyers will be able to advise you on the changes and how to move your case.

What happens when you violate driving an unregistered vehicle?

All vehicles operating in Maryland have to be registered with the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. Driving an unregistered vehicle or permitting the operation of such a vehicle is a misdemeanor offense and is punishable with a fine of a maximum of $500. Citation for operating such a vehicle is $300. If you are charged for the offense, contact the experienced lawyers in Maryland at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C.

If you are accused of driving without vehicle registration, do not wait for any further and contact the best traffic lawyers in Maryland. It is advised to take a proactive approach to protect you from penalties like fines and driver’s restrictions.

Some of the reasons for not registering a vehicle are:

  • Waiting too long to register a vehicle that the prescribed time limit expires
  • Registration lapse all of a sudden
  • Suspension of registration due to improper insurance
  • Outstanding warrants

Whatever may be the reason the state of Maryland does not take it lightly. If you are apprehended for driving a vehicle without registration, contact traffic lawyers in Maryland to see what best can be done. Choose traffic lawyers in Maryland who have successfully represented such cases earlier. Only the right resources and experience can assist you with the best advice to fight your charge. Traffic lawyers can use any of the following to protect you from a severe penalty. These are:

  • Driving an unregistered vehicle without your knowledge
  • Willing to compensate for the accident
  • Assisting you in handling a warrant
  • Showcase you in the right way to bring about a favorable outcome

Is driving without insurance an offense?

If your car is uninsured, the state imposes a fine of a maximum of $2,500 per year. The offense is taken seriously even if you never drive an uninsured vehicle. Your license plates will be taken away till you complete your insurance obligations. Before it happens, call seasoned traffic lawyers in Maryland. Moreover, you cannot register a new vehicle without paying the insurance for the uninsured vehicle. You are liable to face criminal charges if you do not pay insurance. To safeguard your driving privileges it is advised to consult skilled traffic lawyers in Maryland to prevent unpleasant consequences.

The penalties for driving an uninsured vehicle are:

  • Fine of maximum $1,000
  • Maximum 1-year jail sentence
  • Five points are slapped on your license
  • Compulsory registration in the Driver Improvement Program
  • Hefty insurance premiums
  • Suspension or loss of driver’s license

Hiring local ticket attorneys in MD with expertise in ticket laws can be an added advantage. The lawyers in MD can cut down on your trips to the court and minimize penalties. Discussing with lawyers in Maryland can give you other options you can use apart from paying fines and suffering consequences. The lawyers in Maryland can tackle your case with confidence to save you from hassles. C

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