Out-of-state drivers facing reckless driving charges in Virginia Fairfax Attorney

It must be known to out-of-state drivers that Virginia’s traffic laws are highly strict and reckless driving is not a uncommon charge for drivers who live in VA. Out-of-state drivers must be aware the reckless driving in Virginia is a highly serious offense that comes with fines, license suspensions, and jail time in some situations. Hence, especially if the driver facing reckless driving charges is an out-of-state driver, he/she is highly recommended to hire an attorney at law that specializes in the field of reckless driving to avoid unwanted and lengthy complications.

A motor vehicle operator who lives in another state has to be certain about the type of ticket that he/she has received. They are required to look for what the office has specified for them, rashly operating an automobile or a mere speeding ticket. Sometimes automobile motorists from another stae face confusion as in some cases tickets do not explicitly specify the type of charge that the motorist from another state is charged with.

The recommendation is to bring the ticket to a licensed Virginia reckless driving attorney who will be able to determine the type of charge that the automobile operator from another state is facing. This is crucial to motor vehicle operators from another state since individuals charged with rash operation of a motor vehicle are required to return to Virginia’s jurisdiction and appear in court as instructed by law.

Due to the presence of the Interstate Driver License Compact that is valid in all states except Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Tennessee, and Wisconsin, motor vehicle operators from another state must be aware that the information of the traffic violation that they commit will be shared with the state where they have their driver’s license issued in the first place. Hence, motorists from another state must know that there are no means of “escaping” penalties even when it comes to reckless driving in Virginia. In some instances, the out-of-state driver’s home state will agree to treat the conviction or the ticket that the motor vehicle operator obtains as if it happened in the home state itself. In this case, due to the Interstate Driver License Compact, the reckless driving offense will be treated as if it never occurred in Virginia but in the state of the motorist’s home republic. This happens to ease the process and make it less complex for motor vehicle operators from another republic.

Moreover, it must be noted to out-of-state motor vehicle operators that any penalty received in Virginia will be communicated to the out-of-state driver’s home republic and will go on his/her driving record. Also, in various instances, out-of-state motor vehicle operators may not be required to return to Virginia and the hired attorney at law may be able to “handle” the case on their own. Also, sometimes, especially if the rash operation of the vehicle case is serious and has resulted in damage to another human being, the judge appointed to the out-of-state rash operation of a vehicle case may insist on the appearance of the out-of-state reckless driver personally in court and may not waive their appearance. Hence, the out-of-state operator of a motor vehicle would be required to attend the court hearing alongside his/her attorney at law.

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