Penalty for Adultery in Maryland Montgomery Attorney

Under the law in Maryland, adultery occurs when a married individual is voluntarily involved in sexual intercourse with someone that is not his or her spouse. Therefore, it does not include the use of force or threatening. Proving adultery means that you should be able to prove sexual contact between your husband or wife and another person. If you have come to a conclusion that your marriage couldn’t continue, you should consider hiring a Maryland divorce attorney to help you gather proof of the infidelity for the immediate divorce, and also help you get child custody. You are able to get more alimony for a proved infidelity.

The United States is one of the few countries to have laws that criminalize infidelity. Laws vary from state to state. Some states classify it as a felony, and others as a misdemeanor. In Maryland, the maximum penalty for infidelity is a fine of ten dollars. Maryland also does not consider cunnilingus and fellatio to be classified as infidelity. The law only recognizes sexual intercourse as infidelity. If you choose to divorce on the basis of infidelity, you will not need to be separated (voluntarily) for two years before your divorce.

It is very complex to prove infidelity in Maryland. You must hire a private investigator to get evidence of the infidelity, and a dissolution of marriage lawyer to handle and present the data gathered to court. If your partner openly confesses the affair, you do not need other evidence. But sometimes this confession is not enough for the judge and therefore you might need a witness, which may be a family friend or a relative.

If you forgive the affair committed by your spouse, the affair is condoned, and it could not be used as grounds for the divorce. It is called condonation under Maryland divorce law. If the person continues the affair after condonation, then the divorce can be filed based on condonation. To dissolution of marriage on the basis of affair, you must show that your husband or wife had the opportunity and disposition to take part in the affair. You should be able to prove that your spouse has spent time alone with a member of the opposite sex in a residence or a hotel. Moreover, a disposition is proof that your spouse has displayed public affection to another person or intimate correspondence. Opportunity and disposition are enough to prove adultery in Maryland, and therefore, you need no proof of vaginal intercourse. Proof of adultery will result in an immediate divorce.

Proof of adultery could potentially diminish the amount of time needed for a divorce. Adultery could influence the custody of the children. If the children were emotionally affected by the adultery, it would be a very good reason to win against your spouse for the custody of the children.

If your spouse has committed adultery and you think that the right thing to do is to divorce, a Maryland divorce lawyer will stand by you to prove your complex case. Only an experienced divorce attorney knows how to find and submit to court proof of the adultery.

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