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Choosing a personal injury attorney can be difficult. Considerations that can be taken when deciding on an attorney to hire included an attorney’s experience, reputation, and fees. an attorney’s experience with personal injury cases is important. There are many attorneys in Maryland that specialize in personal injury cases. Choosing an attorney with a specialty in personal injury cases is usually better than choosing an attorney who takes on multiple types of cases. This is because the attorney will be more familiar with all the laws, types and circumstances that come about in a personal injury case. An attorney with experience in court will demonstrate to the opposing party that they will not hesitate to take their case to trial if the settlement offer is not adequate.

Choosing an attorney with a positive reputation in the area and among other lawyers can be helpful. A lawyer that has a decent winning record and is known among their colleagues will make an individual feel more confident with their option. An individual may look into an attorney’s disciplinary records to ensure that there are no major complaints and issues that they should be aware of.

The cost of an attorney can also be an issue for someone considering to hire an attorney. Many attorneys in Maryland, work based on contingency fees. This means that the attorney is only paid a percentage of the compensation package if the case is settled or won in court. Contingency fees do not include the costs of the case itself and some attorneys may ask that you reimburse them for expenses paid during the case if the case is lost.

Once an attorney is hired the first line of business is to ensure that the case is within its statute of limitations. Personal injury cases in Maryland must be filed within 3 years from the date of the accident and within 1 year if they are filed against the government. An attorney will then thoroughly study the case, collect any evidence, obtain any necessary records and interview their own client and potential witnesses.

The attorney will discuss with their client the estimated amount of compensation they should demand from the defendant. During settlement negotiations, the attorney will advise the client on whether or not the offer made is worth taking or if they believe they should take the case to trial.

In the trial, the attorney will argue that the defendant is fully liable for the accident on the grounds of negligence. S/he will prove to the judge that the defendant had a duty to carry out during the time of the accident and failed to do so causing the accident to take place and their client’s injuries and damages to occur. The attorney should also make their client aware of the possibility that the defense argues ‘contributory negligence’.

The state of Maryland is one of five states that enforce contributory negligence in their personal injury cases. This means that if the plaintiff was partially responsible for the accident, they are not allowed to collect any compensation for their injuries. An attorney will argue the presence of contributory negligence to prevent this from happening.

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