Personal Injury in Virginia Fairfax Lawyer

The Meaning of Personal Injury in Virginia:

The involvement of a civil law case was a person is attempting to obtain compensation for any injury that he/she had sustained is known as personal injury.

The Statute of Limitations in Virginia:

The meaning of a statute of limitations in Virginia is the amount of time that a person has before filing a report on the case of personal injury. However, if this time runs out, the victim may not make a case against the offender. A two year time period for a medical malpractice, a three year time period for any oral contracts, a five year time period for any written contracts, a two year time period for a personal injury, a two year time period for a fraud, a two year time period for any wrongful death, and a five year time period for any damage or injury to a property, are some examples of the time that a victim has before he/she can’t file the report against the offender any more.

The Way That the Value of a Personal Injury Case in Virginia is Determined:

Firstly, the value of a personal injury case in Virginia is determined by if the victim has or doesn’t have any available insurance coverage. This means the value would change regarding if the victim can turn to any type of insurance policies, like his/her own insurance, to pay them for his/her losses. Moreover, the coverage that can be provided by each of each insurance policy is also taken into consideration.

Secondly, the value could also change with the extent and nature of the victim’s injuries. This means how was the injury made and does it impact the victim’s life in any way, shape, or form. Also, if the injury is permanent how much did it impact the victim’s pain, suffering, medical expenses, and/or income.

What are the Types of Damages that a Victim could Possibly Recover from an Injury?

Any future and past loss of income, deformity or disfigurement, embarrassment or humiliation that were caused during the accident, any victim’s suffering and pain that was made in the past and could be made in the future, the loss of the victim’s ability to make the same or more amount of income, any inconvenience found in the past and could be found in the future, and/or any future or past medical expenses.

On the other hand, if the injury caused a wrongful death then, the compensation of the deceased’s protection, care and/or services, the recovery of the deceased’s lost income, the expenses of the burial and funeral, the coverage of assistance that was loss through the death the person, comfort and guidance of the sorrow, and mental anguish due to the loss of the person.

Do Injury Cases in Virginia have Damage Caps?

Usually, there are no damage caps in Virginia. However, the damages are capped at $2 million in a medical malpractice in Virginia. Also, cases relating punitive damages, the damage cap is at $350000.

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