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Personal Injury and Car accidents cases often go hand-in-hand. Therefore, they mostly follow the same rules when the settlement negotiations begin, however personal injury laws do cover a few extra rules. The procedure for personal injury settlements is found below:

The Maryland Statute of Limitations:

A Statute of limitations is a state law that sets a deadline on a person`s right to bring their case to court. What’s more, Maryland has a few statutes of limitations for both car accidents and personal injuries and they are:

  1. The statute of Limitations under the Maryland Courts and Judicial proceedings Code section 5-101, stipulates that people have a 3-year deadline to file their personal injury or car accident case to the court from which the time for the deadline starts from the day of the. Moreover, in the case of fatalities, the deceased`s representative or the family of the deceased have 3 years to file the case as well.
  2. For personal injury and car accident charges against Maryland State, people have a time limit of 1 year to file their charge and then 3 years to file their lawsuit in the court of law.

It is essential to keep know that if people file their personal injury or vehicle accidents after the deadline passes, then their case will be barred from being heard in Maryland circuit courts.

Owner liability for personal injuries caused by dogs or other dangerous animals

When a person is pounced on by dogs or other dangerous animals, then under Maryland Courts and Judicial Proceedings Code Section 3-1901, the guilty dog`s or animal`s owner is held accountable for all injuries and damages caused by the aggressive behavior of the animal because under this law it maintains that the owner of the animal had previous understanding that the dog or animal is hazardous.

Damage limits in Maryland:

The state of Maryland implemented limits for how much compensation a person can receive in settlements for a few categories. Furthermore, these implemented limits are generally counted from the date of that the accident took place along with having 2 categories (medical and non-medical) and they are:

  1. The limit for non-medical malpractice that resulted in death with 2 or more beneficiaries is $1,132,500
  2. The limit for non-medical malpractice injuries from the accident is $755,000
  3. The limit for medical malpractice that resulted in death with 2 or more beneficiaries is $868,750
  4. The limit for medical malpractice injuries from the accident is $695,000

However, when it comes to settlements regarding personal injuries, even though a person can receive at the minimum $45,000 if a single individual was injured in an accident and $75,000 if 2 or more individuals were injured in the accident (of which this amount can significantly increase due to other reasons), they have to take into account when negotiating for settlements of one of the united states strictest laws of which Maryland applies when accidents occur and that’s the contributory negligence (shared fault) law which states that in the event that the court investigates and finds that you are in the least bit responsible for the accident, then you cannot receive any compensation from the other party and their insurance company in the settlement.

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