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Sex crimes are part of some of the most difficult cases to prove and to deal with in Maryland. The more serious a sex offense is, more severe the punishment for this crime will be. Unlike rape, which is divided into two severity stages, the sexual offense is divided into four degrees. First, second, third and fourth-degree sexual offenses all consist of different types of assaults with penalties being easier as you rise in number, i.e. fourth degree much less demanding than the first.

First-degree sex offense may be described as performing any sexual act but not intercourse with someone not conscientious. People who supposedly execute this crime towards a victim by using force, a weapon or threatening of using force and a weapon.

A person can be charged with a felony if attempting or is being accused of committing a sexual offense in the first degree.

When a sex offense victim in Maryland is under 16 years, or the accused side is 18 or older with victims under 13 years of age, charges will be more serious.

If a person is accused and is found to be guilty of first-degree sex offense, he or she may be sentenced from 25 years to life in a Maryland jail.

DNA evidence is generally the major player in sexual offense crimes. Positively matched DNA can be helpful to the state. This kind of evidence is important to support the victim’s accusations or for showing that the individual accused is falsely incriminated of a sexual crime. If tests show that the DNA does not belong to the accused individual, sex offense charges against him will be immediately dismissed. Young accusers may sometimes lie due to them being mad at their parents, relatives or friends. This is why psychologists are called in these types of cases. However, the credibility of an accuser becomes of great importance when physical evidence is found of the victim.

First and second sexual offenses differ in a number of ways. Second-degree sexual offense is the use of force or threat of force, like first degree.

However, to be charged with second-degree sexual offense in Maryland, the victim must be in mentally handicapped, disabled or under the effect of alcohol or drugs. This is also charged against people who attempted to commit statutory rape of minors. Unlike first degree, second-degree punishments are sentenced up to 20 years in jail.

First degree differs from third degree in the amount of jail time and the ages of accusers and accused. The victims must be 14 or 15 years old, with the offender being 21 years or older. Penalties of this crime can include ten years in jail instead of 25 years and up for first degree.

Fourth degree isn’t as strict as first degree in Maryland. If a person is accused for the first time of this crime, he or she can face one year of jail and a fine of $1,000. Generally, this type of sexual offense occurs in a school setting when an authority figure abuses power and commits sexual assault of a primary or secondary student.

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